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Friday, April 11, 2014


I feel like it's taking me forever to write a quality blog post.  Fingers, brain, moving very sluggishly.  Until I can work my way out of the writing funk (everything else is working alright), here is a quick post highlighting a few cards that I've picked up via eBay over the past month or so.

Nothing super fancy, but it's something.

Here's a card that I didn't even know existed.  Hard to keep track of all of the parallels from the last few years of Topps sets, but I pounced on this orange bordered Chris Denorfia card from 2012.  It's serial numbered 3/190, which is cool.  More than that, I now have 7/9ths of a page full of 2012 Denorfia cards.  I like it.  Oh, and orange is my favorite color, so that makes this one even better.

 Here's a pair of autographed cards from 2011 Topps.  Picked these up a few weeks apart.  The price of Andrew Cashner cards is slowly rising, as people seem to have taken notice that he could be a big time pitcher in the league.  Neither of his first two starts have been stellar, and he's gotten zero run support (literally no runs scored by the Padres while he's been on the mound), but he's still rocking a pretty good 2.25 ERA, allowing 3 runs on 9 hits over 12 innings, with 11 K's and 5 walks.  Even though it's a Cubs uniform he's wearing, I'll take a cheap Cashner auto when I can find it.  This is my fourth auto of his.  I already have a few Will Venable autos, and this (like the Cashner) is of the sticker variety, which I'm not a big fan of, but I really like the use of the throwback uniforms, so I picked it up.

The well of cheap '74 Washington "Nat'l Lea." cards seems to have dried up.  I haven't picked one up for a long time, and I finally found one that was under three bucks.  Love the all yellow uniform that Bill Greif is wearing here.  That'd be the jersey I'd buy if I could find it anywhere, though I wouldn't wear yellow pants with it.  The '74 Washington set is a long term goal, and I'm now over the halfway mark, with 8 out of the 14 cards in the binder.  Sweet.

We'll wrap up with a card that I used to finally complete a set.  As much as I love any and all Padre throwbacks, I don't like this photo as much as the Venable above, but I really liked last year's Opening Day blue sparkly parallels.  The ones from this year seem a little bland (or at the very least, not as cool as they were last year), so I don't think I'll be chasing the team set, though I wouldn't mind getting the cards of Alonso and Gyorko to add to the Misc. Padres binders.

Hopefully over the weekend, I'll have a little bit of time to write about a trip to the Round Rock Express opening game I went to last week, as well as a trip to San Antonio that I got back from a few days ago. It wasn't a baseball related trip (teaching workshop on common assessments), but I was able to find a cool baseball card shop and pick up some new-to-me Padre cards.

Happy Friday!  Here's hoping the Padres can put together back to back wins with Andrew Cashner on the mound tonight.  Go Padres!


  1. I finally went back and finished the Washington cards for my 74 set. Didn't think it was complete without all the variations.

  2. Unfortunately Cashner, like his Padrescolleagues just fell short of throwing the first San Diego no-hitter. I think I read there's been 28 Padres 1-hitters, but no no-nos. Sweet Washington card. I'Ve been looking at a few ofthose Wash cards, but have been loath to pay big bucks for them.