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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Section N of the Misc. Padres

Here is today's installment of my Countdown to Opening Day 2014.  Each countdown post will feature a section of my Miscellaneous Padres binders.  Separate from my Team Set binder, Rad binder, Tony Gwynn binder, and Player Collection binder, are a pair of binders that hold all the rest of my beloved Padres.  I think they're awesome.

My little brother Sam just got back from his two year mission to Nicaragua.  Very cool to have him back in the US - another person I can talk baseball with.

And yeah, I guess I love him and everything else, too.

Anyways, he has already checked out the blog and has sent me some absolute gems that nobody could possibly appreciate more than me, so I'll be posting those soon, as well as a Nicaraguan-themed post.  Stay tuned.

In the meantime, on with the countdown.  I know that all of the Opening Days will have passed by the end of the day, but why stop now?

Xavier Nady – 4
Craig Nettles – 1
Phil Nevin – 6
Marc Newfield – 1
Melvin Nieves – 7

Eric Nolte – 3

Total cards - 22
Total players - 6
Most - Melvin Nieves (7)
Least - Craig Nettles & Marc Newfield (1)
Oldest - Craig Nettles (1986 Topps)

I've said it before, the '71 Topps design is a killer one, even when it's blatantly ripped off by Upper Deck.  While Jason Middlebrook gets the headline, Xavier Nady had the better career of the two (I'm assuming, since I had never heard of him until this card.  While I wasn't following the Padres as much during X's tenure in San Diego, I think it's cool that he's back with the Padres this season, and will be root in' for him big time. 

One of my favorite action shots in the whole binder.  Not really a big Phil Nevin fan, but hard not to appreciate this photo of him and a sliding Damian Jackson in the infield.

Oh, Melvin Nieves… you never stood a chance.  Even with a flat out great card like this one, there was still no way I was going to be able to root for you when I was a kid.  Not after you were traded away in one of the worst deals in Padres history, for my favorite player.  It was unfair to have to compare you to Fred McGriff, a should-be Hall of Famer, but I was young, and thought that trades actually had to benefit both sides.  I didn't understand the money aspect of it.

I've gotten over it and accepted it now, but it's been pretty recently.  If you had told me at the beginning of this blog that I'd have seven different cards of Nieves, I would've thought you'd be crazy.  Now, I know that it's just a part of Padres history.  Not a good part, but still part of it.

That'll wrap it up for today, but here's a little DMX for your Tuesday.  I'm not really into rap (although I enjoy listening to a little Rakim now and then), but this is Xavier Nady's walkup music, and who doesn't love Xavier Nady?  Nobody, that's who.

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