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Monday, April 28, 2014

Always Leave A Note

Alright, I'm hoping that this week, I can churn out a couple of thank you's, via the good old fashioned trade post.  First up is my best good buddy Mark, from This Way To The Clubhouse…  He's already sent me another one, but this one came about a month or so ago.

The tradition with Mark is to send me Benito Santiago cards from his tenure with other, non-Padre teams.  At first, to be honest, I didn't really think I'd keep 'em, but a) Benito had some pretty killer cards, b) Benito is pretty awesome, and c) I like that they come from a person I'd consider a friend (well, as much a friend as you can consider someone who you've never met), so they've now become one of the highlights of my collection.

This one is from '96 Collector's Choice, while Benito was a Phillie.  The trivia on the back says that Benito won the NL Rookie of the Year in '87, and (at the time) the last catcher to win the award was Mike Piazza (in '93).  Since then, there have been two other catchers to win the NL ROY: Geovany Soto ('08) and Buster Posey ('10).  Interesting trivia.

These were two of my favorite from the bunch, from a set that I had never even seen/heard of: 2007 SP Legendary Cuts.  Being a fan of '71 Topps and '92 Pinnacle, of course, I'm a sucker for black bordered cards.  While I always love adding another Gwynn card to the binders, the George Foster card looks sharp with the red background.  Very spiffy, and a great addition to the Foster collection.

I had already thrown away the package with the protective cardboard in it when I finally read Mark's note.  I recently sent out a slew of packages and didn't include any notes, which I normally like to do, but I've been slacking lately.  Anyways, I'm glad I did because afterwards, I thought "Big A&G Gwynn?  I didn't see that!"

Turns out, it was taped securely to the cardboard that I had tossed in the trash!  I have no idea how I missed it!  I might've never known that it was in there.  And that would've been a bummer, because this is a pretty sweet looking card.

Here's a better look.  I didn't take the measurements on this one, but it's bigger than a regular 2.5" by 3.5".  Hadn't seen these before either, so this is a great find!  Thanks a ton Mark!

As you might've seen in the note, he also included a pack of '91 Fleer, which was doubly awesome.  I've been neglecting my '91 Fleer blog, Yellow Cardboard.  If you wanna check out what I got, head over there.

There was a lot more than what I showed here, but I'm trying to keep my posts short and manageable so I don't go weeks between posts, so just the absolute highlights.  Thanks again Mark.

Props to you if you got the Arrested Development reference.


  1. Good times, Marcus! I probably could've done a better job with putting neon tape or bio-hazard symbols on any piece of cardboard that contains hidden cards. Eh, live and learn...!

  2. I've had that exact same thing happen to me a couple of times

  3. Love that Gwynn! Glad it didn't end up in the trash.