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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

3 x 3

Two days, two trade posts!  Alright!  Slowly digging myself out of the hole.  Like yesterday, this is an abbreviated post, because there were a bunch of cards that I could've written about that would've taken me more time than I have.

Doug, a collector who I don't believe has a blog (though I may just be forgetting, it is very late as I'm writing this, and the package came in around a month ago) sent me some cool cards.  First of which is this "Rube" Foster card.  Far too few baseball cards these days featuring those newsie style caps.

This Foster threw me for a loop; one I'd never even heard of before.  Foster Hewitt, from what I gather, was a Canadian radio announcer, famous for the play by play for Hockey Night in Canada.  He's not a baseballer, but the Upper Deck Masterpieces is a sweet looking set, and as a guy who grew up without cable, I'm a sucker for a good radio announcer.

What?  Another hockey related guy?  Why would I even want this?  Actually, even though all I know about hockey I learned from Emilio Estevez, this is still a good card in my book, and one that made it into a binder.  First of all, I like O-Pee-Chee as a brand, and the colors of the border work well enough with the overall design.  Also, the person who I named my son Foster after (the reason that I even started up this collection in the first place) was actually named Foster Curtis, so a card of Kurtis Foster sounds good to me.

Douglas also tossed in three of the '71 minis from last years Topps set.  These should've brought me to within one card of completing the set, but a rare error (first time) from justcommons.com still leaves me four short.  They sent the minis from the 2012 set, not the 2013 set.  They're still getting my business, I don't anticipate having any other problems with them, but I still need four more cards to complete the set; if you've got the Trout, Harper, Pedroia, or Longoria cards, drop me a line!  I know, four big name guys left.  Can't make it easy.

Anyways Doug, thanks for the great package.  There were a bunch of other Padres that he sent that I didn't post, but they were great as well.

Oh, BTW…


Hopefully tomorrow, I can look back and say that it was worth staying up to watch it.

EDIT: Alright, as soon as I got Doug's comment, I remembered that he is the author of Sportscards From The Dollar Store.  Way to be a gentleman and not point out that I'm an idiot for not remembering that.  Classy guy, generous trader.


  1. The Rube. Foster pretty cool card

  2. Marcus, you really need to check my Monday (yesterday) post

  3. Glad you liked everything, I can always seem to find hockey variations of people's PCs. I'll try to see if I can find some more Kurtis Foster at the Expo for a PWE this weekend. His 2010 Score is a beauty of a card.

    1. Doug! Can't believe that I forgot that you're the author of Sportscards From The Dollar Store! Brain fart! Thanks for the offer, I edited the post and made sure to link to your blog at the bottom. Thanks again!