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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Section M of the Misc. Padres

Here is today's installment of my Countdown to Opening Day 2014.  Each countdown post will feature a section of my Miscellaneous Padres binders.  Separate from my Team Set binder, Rad binder, Tony Gwynn binder, and Player Collection binder, are a pair of binders that hold all the rest of my beloved Padres.  I think they're awesome.

In lieu of writing something about my life, the Padres, or baseball cards at the beginning of this post, I have copied and pasted a section of the "Baseball Dictionary" from Grantland.com.  If you like baseball and have a computer, you probably already know about Grantland, but for the uninitiated, here is a sample of the "M's" from this article

Maddux (exp.) — a complete-game shutout requiring fewer than 100 pitches. Invented by baseball blogger Jason Lukehart, a Maddux is a start in which a pitcher shows both dominance and peak efficiency. As you can probably guess, the leader in Madduxes (which can be tabulated starting from only 1988, when pitch-count totals became widely available) is … Greg Maddux.
#MartePartay (exp.) — catch-all term meant to convey the greatness and party-inducing skills of Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Starling Marte (h/t @JonPgh).
Mendoza Line (exp.) — a .200 batting average. Named after light-hitting infielder Mario Mendoza, the Mendoza Line was conceived as a way of shaming players who hit less than .200. You can gain a more accurate view of a player’s ability (or lack thereof) by comparing him to replacement level.
Mystery Team (exp.) — term often floated by agents, teams, and other interested parties, often to drive up the price of a player involved in trade or free-agency rumors, then dutifully reported by (some) writers covering the beat. On the rare occasion when a Mystery Team actually does land the player in question, it can be both jarring and kind of awesome.
Shane Mack – 1
Greg Maddux – 11
Mike Maddux – 4
Carmelo Martinez – 2
Jose Martinez – 1
Tim Mauser – 1
Cameron Maybin – 1
Willie McCovey – 1
Lance McCullers – 5
Ray McDavid – 10
Kevin McReynolds – 1
Jose Melendez – 2
Cla Meredith – 5
Matt Mieske – 1
John Montefusco – 1
Jerry Morales – 1
Cole Morton – 1
Ivan Murrell – 2

Randy Myers – 1

Total cards - 52
Total players - 19
Most - Greg Maddux (11)
Least - Eleven are tied (1)
Oldest - Ivan Murrell (1970 Topps)

Fitting that the first entry for Grantland is also the first cardboard subject.  While Greg Maddux is an all time great, I don't think that I would be nearly as big a fan of his as I am had he not made a brief stop near the end of his career in San Diego.  Made it out to a game he pitched - not a bad story to tell the grandkids, that I saw a game where Greg Maddux got the win and Trevor Hoffman got the save.

Speaking of Madduxes, here's current Rangers pitching coach and Greg's brother Mike.  The back of this card tells us (in case you couldn't tell from the umpire in the bottom shot) that Ivan Calderon was safe at this play at the plate.  While this may not technically be a Maddux card, it's still a pretty killer part of the MP binder.

The "M" section is the only one that has two Hall of Famers.  Willie McCovey is awesome, and his 1967 card was the most expensive card I bought as a kid (and actually that $18 still is the most I've ever spent), and was my first ever "vintage" card.  This one looks a lot better, though, since he's rocking the 70's brown and yellow.  And look at that smile!  He was born to be a Padre!

Ok, maybe that's a bit of a Stretch.

Lance McCullers might tie with Jim Lewis (from the previous post) for the most extreme case of pitcher's face.  That, plus the fact that I love the blue border that some of the late 80's Score sets had makes this one of the best of the "M" class.

Ivan Murrell has a career .236 average with 33 home runs, and even though his ten year totals aren't spectacular, he's an Original Padre, and has some pretty good looking vintage cardboard.  I'm not normally a fan of the gray borders of the 1970 Topps set, but this one just looks good.

Alright, the M's are done.

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