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Monday, March 24, 2014

Section L of the Misc. Padres

Here is today's installment of my Countdown to Opening Day 2014.  Each countdown post will feature a section of my Miscellaneous Padres binders.  Separate from my Team Set binder, Rad binder, Tony Gwynn binder, and Player Collection binder, are a pair of binders that hold all the rest of my beloved Padres.  I think they're awesome.

"L" is a letter that is probably a little too familiar for Padres fans.  3,843 regular season losses in 45 years averages to about 85 losses a season, which would be 8 games under .500.

The Padres in Section L of the MP binder aren't much to look at either.  No Hall of Famers, only a few who have put together decent careers.  Still all good enough to make the binder cut.  However, to save time with these posts, I've limited the number of cards to show to five.  I take all my pictures on my iPhone, and then email them to myself (and then download them from my email and attach them in blogger on my laptop).  If I want to send more than five pictures, I have to send them in separate emails, and even though it's not a huge hassle, anytime I can save a few minutes, I'll go for it.

Mark Langston – 2
Mat Latos – 7
Brian Lawrence – 3
Wade LeBlanc – 3
Derrek Lee – 14
Mark Lee – 2
Craig Lefferts – 9
Jim Lewis – 2
Sixto Lezcano – 2
Scott Linebrink – 1
Scott Livingstone – 3
Keith Lockhart – 1
Mickey Lolich – 2
Tim Lollar – 5
Luis Lopez – 3
Terrence Long – 1
Mark Loretta – 2
Gary Lucas – 2
Ryan Ludwick – 1
Corey Luebke – 2
Fred Lynn – 3

Total cards - 70
Total players - 21
Most - Craig Lee (14)
Least - Four are tied (1)
Oldest - Mark Lee (1979 Topps)

This is easily one of my favorite post-90's cards.  I forget who I got this from in a trade, but it's one of the diamond-paralleled-type redemption cards, I think.  Oh man, I used to remember exactly what it was called.  Oh well.  Anyways, it looks pretty cool, and features a good shot of the best Padres pitcher since Jake Peavy.  Hopefully this year I can say that Andrew Cashner is the best Padres pitcher since Peavy.  Or really anyone for that matter.  It'd be nice to have an ace.

SOOO much to love about this card.  It's so awesome that even the hard to miss brown and yellow take a backseat to the main focus of this card.  I can't believe that I have somehow not even really noticed the All Star Game patch on the sleeve until now.  Because really, this card is all about Mark Lee's awesome glasses.  Are they sunglasses?  Reading glasses?  Spare headlights from his car?  Whatever he uses them for, they look great with that killer blonde mustache and flowing 70's mane.  

I only have two Jim Lewis cards, but both of them show what I like to call an extreme case of "pitcher face".  I'm not sure that I've seen a more severe case, to be honest.  It doesn't seem like his eyes are open, and his face is contorted to an absurd degree.  If you were to zoom in on just his face, you could have a field day with a caption contest of some sort.  Lewis had a short career in the bigs, but I'd still like to track down a few more of his cards.

My grandma told me that she wants to get me a Padres jersey.  I found some cheap ones online, but she said that she wants me to get a "nice" one in the $70-80 range.  While that's way more than I'd ever spend on a single piece of clothing, she told me that I was going to be a Padre fan for life, so why not get something that's going to last?  Can't argue with that logic.  Anyways, I've been trying to find one from the 70's, but haven't found any luck finding anything that has struck my fancy.  My next choice might be the Padres road jersey from the 90's, like Scott Livingstone is sporting here.  Not the most exciting choice, but it looks good on this card, right?

I guess everything looks good on a Stadium Club card, though.

Ryan Ludwick was a huge disappointment as a Padre.  He was picked up near the trade deadline in 2010, and even though he hit 6 homers and 26 RBI in 59 games, he batted a paltry .211, much lower than they needed to get them over the hump to make the playoffs (two games behind the division winning Giants and a single game behind the Braves).  This card was the only good thing to come from his time as a Padre, as it's one of my favorite photos in recent years.  Buster Posey holding up the glove and Ludwick pleading his case to the umpire.  Can't get much better than that.  Just imagine if he had been a halfway decent player.

That's it.  The L's are done.

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