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Monday, March 10, 2014

Pair of Aces

Anyways, the opener will be a package I received from Zenus over at the Prowling Cat blog.  He was able to do something that hadn't happened for a while: 

Help me add some Fred McGriff cards to my player collection.  These are from the '92 US Playing Card Co. set.  The backs are identical and are shown at the top of the post.  While they're not "Aces" like the title of this post might allude to, it's fitting that the cards w/the Crime Dog are hearts and clubs, since he stole my heart by clubbing homers.  Alright, that sounded less lame in my head.  Apologies.

Maybe I should've titled the post "A Trio of McGriff's", since Zenus also sent a Pacific Spanish card along for the ride as well.  Como me encanta este imágen de uno de mis jugadores favoritos de mi juventud.  I also am a big Aki Otsuka fan, though I don't know any Japanese to show off while writing about him.  Aki's last year in the bigs was 2007 with the Rangers, but his Wikipedia page says that he's currently pitching for the Shinano Grandserows of the Japanese Challenge League.

I'll wrap it up with a pretty cool Gary Sheffield insert from good 'ol Triple Play.  Definitely digging the Dodger/Padre rivalry on the front of this card - there are actually cards that I've kept just because it mentioned that the Padres beat the Dodgers.  However, this isn't a traditional card...

More of a booklet/gamepiece.  I'd be lying if I said that I knew what the rules to this were, and my photo turned out too blurry to really even tell what the rules were.  If I weren't so lazy, I'd go and look it up to see what this whole thing is about, since I already filed this one into my binders

Hey, guess what!  In between drafting this post, I had to get the Miscellaneous Padres J-Y binder out, and I checked out the game.  It's actually not that interesting, just a two player scratch off type thing, with kind of a "scratch your own adventure" thing going on.  Not gonna scratch it off, maybe if I had a card collecting buddy here with me to play against.

Not sure who would want to be the other team, though.  Are there any Dodger fans in the blogosphere?

Anyways, thanks again for the cards, Zenus!  I see that my end of the trade has already arrived.


  1. Glad to see my half contained some new cards for your McGriff collection. Something about those playing cards are just cool to me.

  2. The booklet is so good it is actually cute!