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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Nothing Compares To You

A short Sunday morning post.  Been running ragged this weekend, but I've got to slowly catch up with all the great cards that have been sent my way recently.

Of all of the great cards, these are two that stand out the most, having come from Mr. Hoyle, a guy who has been very generous in sending cards to many of the blogs that I frequent.  He's hooked me up with some great cards recently, and if there has been a running theme, it would be "70's".  Or just plain "awesome".

This time, the theme was "70s/80s Oddball Awesomeness".

Here's an oddball card from a set that I've never seen in hand before.  This Rollie Fingers card is from the 1978 Hostess set.  Nick over at the Dime Box blog goes crazy for these kinda cards, but I'll admit that after reading his posts about them, I didn't really get it.  What are those, cut out of a box?  C'mon, you can still even see the dotted lines.

However, seeing this one in hand, you could say that my mind has been changed.  They are pretty cool, and focus on what cards should focus on - the player!  No distractions, here's a card of an awesome, later Hall of Fame pitcher.  Though, to be fair, it's hard to find bad cards of Rollie and his mustache.

The Kellogg's 3-D cards, however, are ones that I've always loved.  Well, I mean, I've loved them as long as I've known about them, which has only been since I've started blogging.  This is my third such Kellogg's card, and also the "newest" one.  It's from the '83, Kellogg's set, while the other two are from the '70 and '80 set.  For this Padres collector, these are the king of the oddball cards.  While some of the designs are better than others, it's hard to go wrong with any Kellogg's card.  Advanced 3-D Technology!

Wish they still had baseball cards in cereal boxes.  I know it would probably sway me to buy a box of cereal now and again.  I'm more of an eggs and toast or breakfast taco kinda guy.

Thanks again for the cards my man!  Nothing compares to oddballs.


  1. When the Kelloggs, and Hostess cards were "fresh" I didn't like them either, but I crave for them now! And they are tough to land, so good grabs!

  2. You are indeed correct: Kelloggs cards are the king of oddballs. There has never been a better oddball.

  3. I will have to be on the lookout for more oddballs

  4. Awesome cards. I love both of these cards... mainly because they remind me of my childhood. I only have three or four Hostess cards in my collection, but one of my white whales is the 1979 Ozzie Smith (w/ Nolan Ryan). And those Kellogg's cards are amazing! Night Owl and I aren't always on the same page... but today, I agree with him 100%. Kelloggs cards are indeed the king of all oddballs.