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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I is the Lonliest Section in the Misc. Padres

Here is today's installment of my Countdown to Opening Day 2014.  Each countdown post will feature a section of my Miscellaneous Padres binders.  Separate from my Team Set binder, Rad binder, Tony Gwynn binder, and Player Collection binder, are a pair of binders that hold all the rest of my beloved Padres.  I think they're awesome.

A quick post for today.  Not by design, of course:  We've reached the letter "I" in the countdown towards Opening Day, and there is only one Friar in the MP binder with an "I" at the beginning of their last name.

While I'm sure I'll mention it again later, there is also only one entry for the letters "Q" and "Y", and no entries at all for "X" or "Z".

Anyways, on to the most abbreviated post in our countdown.

Tadahito Iguchi – 3

Total cards - 3
Total players - 1
Most - Tadahito Iguchi (3)
Least - Tadahito Iguchi (3)
Oldest - Tadahito Iguchi (2008 Allen & Ginter, 2008 Upper Deck, 2008 Topps Heritage Chrome #/1959)

We'll give Iguchi an extra large photo to compensate for being all by his lonesome.  Tadahito was one of my favorites on the White Sox team in 2005 that won the World Series.  Konerko, Dye, Crede, Pierzynski, Buehrle, Contreras… man, was that team loaded.  When Iguchi came over the San Diego, I was expecting big things.  It wasn't to be, as he was pretty bad for the Padres in 2008, his last year in the bigs.  Still, he became the second Japanese player to play for San Diego (after Akinori Otsuka in 2004), so that's something worth writing home about.

In Opening Day related news, as of now, Bud Black has not named Andrew Cashner as the Padres Opening Day starter, which seems ridiculous, unless you are superstitious and trying to avoid jinxing him.

Wait, by writing that did I just jinx him?  Crap!  Never mind, the position is still available!


  1. http://m.mlb.com/video/v20188451/torcws-iguchi-makes-a-strong-falling-throw

    My all time fav Iguchi moment.

  2. Doesn't look like you have a lot of players to choose from. Baseball Reference has only three Padres listed with last names beginning with I: Iguchi, Dane Iorg, and Mike Ivie.

    1. I have cards of both Iorg and Ivie, but both are in the "Team Set" binder (Ivie w/ the '77 Topps & '76 SSPC sets and Iorg w/the '86 Topps set), although I DO have Ivie's RC from '72. However, it's attributed it to Section F, since it's a multiplayer card and Darcy Fast is the player on the far left. But yeah, not a lot of guys w/ for the letter "I".

  3. Will Inman was a Padres minor leaguer with a 2008 Bowman Draft Prospects card.

    As for the "Y" - Picther Chris Young was decent Padres pitcher from 2006-10, and there was minor leaguer Nobuaki Yoshida with his 2003 Bowman Chrome RC.

    The only "Z" Padres card I own is Lance Zawadzki. As for "Q" there's Kevin Quackenbush, Quentin Quells and Carlos Quentin.

    X - I haven't a clue.