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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Heritage Mailday

Compared to last year, when I was trying to track down all of the parallel cards that Chase Headley had in the Heritage set, finding the Padres "hits" in Heritage has been pretty easy.  Because there aren't really any.

The lone exception would be the ad panels that came in hobby boxes (I think?).  There were two of them that featured Padre players.  I managed to find a seller that had both of them, and was the lone bidder for each one.  I was able to get both of them for less than $5, shipped.  Not too bad.

 If the Padres are going to do well this year, it will be because Jedd Gyorko (along with a few other players) has a great year.  He was the best rookie second baseman in baseball last year, as evidenced by the "All-Star Rookie" trophy on the card.  Not sure how much competition there was for that, though.  Don't really know much about Brad Miller, but I really thought that Bryce Harper would drive up the price of this one.  Maybe collector's weren't fans of his haircut.

The big surprise was the inclusion of Eric Stults.  Until the injury to Josh Johnson, he was projected to be the Padres 5th starter, and after a less-than-stellar spring, I wouldn't have been surprised to see him left out of the rotation completely.  I'm still a fan of his, as he was the Padre in my blog header before Andrew Cashner, the current guy up top.  Stults is a crafty lefty who, on his good days, is a poor man's Greg Maddux, relying on location and ground ball outs.  The other two players are Florida guys, Jeremy Hellickson and Giancarlo Stanton.  Now that I notice it, neither of the five teams shown on either panel were in the league in 1965, when this design was used by Topps.

Here's the back.  Not much to see, pretty boring.  The sepia toned picture isn't too bad, but the "Embossed Star Portrait" doesn't seem like something I'd be too terribly interested in.

Overall, I wouldn't say that I love these, but I've always thought the ad panels were pretty cool and finally had a reason to pick a few up.  Not quite sure how these will be stored, so they're in a box alongside a few jumbo sized cards.

Anybody else a fan of these?  I think they've done 'em for a few Heritage sets, and I'm not sure how many different ones there are in this year's set, but I liked these enough to pick 'em up.

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  1. What a great deal you got there, Marcus! Those panels look great. I picked one up from the '11 set at a show a couple years ago for a dime, I think. But it's not nearly as star-studded as the two you scored.