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Sunday, February 16, 2014

This Trade Was Rare...

I have the lyrics to the "Fresh Prince" theme song going through my head.  Maybe it's because I'm reliving some childhood nostalgia (I also bought the first season of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" on DVD from Target yesterday for less than $5).  Or maybe it's because I just completed a "rare" trade with Alex from Chavez Ravining.

Not rare in the sense that I don't make trades with Dodger bloggers.  On the contrary, they are some of the best guys and traders in the blogging community.  And not rare in the sense that all the cards were great - this is again commonplace.

Rare in the sense that I got a Steve Finley card that I didn't already have.  I already had the base card of this one, but didn't have the fancy silver foil signature.  Great horizontal shot, but Astros uniforms of the 90's < Astros uniforms today.

Rare in the sense that I got a Tony Gwynn card that I didn't have already as well.  I mean, I know that there are still literally thousands of Gwynn cards that I don't have.  I just don't get them very often in packages.  That it's one that I don't already have and on that actually looks pretty good (not some obscure, ugly insert from mid 90's Pacific) is rare as well.

Very rare is the trade that includes a Rockie in the mix.  Why would I want a card of Troy Tulowitzki, a guy that plays for a rival in the NL West?  Because I'm now a card closer to completing the 2013 Topps Update Mini set.  Love that 1971 design.  Another trade is in the works to get three more, and four more are coming via justcommons.com, so I'm now down to needing one more: some guy named Mike Trout.

Rare is the package that comes with a Padres prospect that I actually care about.  I've seen too many Matt Bushes and Donovan Tates to really get too excited about anybody before they've reached the majors.  Or at least AAA.  Maybe with the solid rookie season of Jedd Gyorko, I can start to have faith in the Padres farm system and root on Hunter Renfroe, the Padres first round pick in 2013.  Here he is playing in a logo-less uniform, most likely from his college days at Mississippi State.  Very shiny.

Speaking of Gyorko, Alex also included this card with Jedd's signature on it.  Well, I suppose technically he signed the sticker, which was placed on the card, but let's not split hairs.  Getting autographed cards in trade packages is very rare, and that it's from a current Padre but from a set that I didn't know had been brought back to life (Select) is very rare indeed.  This one is so rare, in fact, that it's numbered to 500.  It's on the back, you'll havta trust me.

Hope everyone is having a great President's Day weekend so far.  I know that I've been looking forward to a rare three day weekend for a while.

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