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Friday, February 7, 2014

The Plan So Far...

As you may have noticed from the many recounts of the new 2014 Topps flagship set, there are a crap load of parallel cards.  I'll spare you the same opinions that all the rest of the sane collectors share (it's getting ridiculous), and I'll write something that might be a little different…

I love those yellow parallels.

I don't know if it's because I also have a deep love for the 1991 Fleer set that I occasionally post about on my other blog (Yellow Cardboard) or if it's because it's not the same, tired blue, red, and gold stuff that's been happening for the past few years (it's probably both, but mostly the former), but I love it.

My feelings are such that I don't think I really even want any of the other kajillion parallels for the other Padres cards.  They just pale in comparison.  Don't even bother sending 'em to me.

Looking at a few pages full of these yellow beauties would be awesome.  As it stands, I only have these two, but as of Tuesday evening, I'm ahead in some cheap eBay auctions for a handful of others.* While I'm mentioning them, I will say that the blue in the border looks a little lighter in hand, and makes the card seem like it's sporting retro San Diego Chargers colors.  I'm not much of a football fan, but those uniforms are undeniable.

The one definite exception is Andrew Cashner's cards.  I'm all in on Cash, as watching him pitch every five or six days near the end of the Padres season last year was one of the few joys.  His overall stats last year were good (10-9, 3.09 ERA, 128 K's v. 47 BB in 175 IP), but from August to the end of the year, he was 3-3 with a 1.70 ERA (12 earned runs in 63.2 IP) with 50 K's and 11 BB.  Opponents batted .199 against him during that stretch (nine games).

Anyways, yeah, Chris Denorfia has usually been my go-to guy when it comes to putting together the "rainbow" of parallels, but I'm going to add Straight Cash Homey into the mix as well.  I've already landed a lot of his cards from this year, but the ones I don't have yet are on the want list (including the base card).

I almost want to make an exception for Yonder Alonso's card.  While he had a down year last year, it was mostly due to injuries, and one of those was having a broken hand after being hit by a pitch.  It's not the most exciting shot ever, but pointing skywards after (presumably) hitting a home run is more interesting than the rest of the Padres from Series 1 (though Will Venable's card gives it a run for it's money).  I don't think I'd mind terribly having some of those fancy serial numbered cards for this one, so I might make a second exception somewhere down the line.  Maybe.

Since tracking down the yellow parallels might not be possible for every Padre card (from what I've seen so far, it looks like they may only be found in the hanger boxes of this year's Topps product, which might make them kinda tough to come by), I'll also need some base cards to fill the gaps in the team set, some of which will also make it into the Miscellaneous Padres binders.

Finishing up the 2013 Topps emerald Padres set took a whole "card year" (as I mentioned yesterday), but hopefully this one doesn't take as long...

* Man, it took me a while to get around to finishing this post.  Anyways, I won four of seven yellow Padres and got combined shipping on all of em.  Sweet.


  1. I have to say I like the yellow also. You sent me a J. Gomes in yellow and red. I'm not going to stress to much about completing set in one color over another.

  2. I also love the yellow. The green, too, for that matter.

  3. I, too, am a big fan of the yellow. It's not a border color you see too often.