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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Random Tuesday

I like the idea of updating this blog daily, but sometimes it is unavoidable and a few days lapse.  I almost like to see how long I can go without posting, but the itch becomes too strong and within a few days, I'm back with something.  This is one of those days, after not posting since a big "trade bait" post from last Friday.

Since then, there's been some random stuff worth mentioning on here.  If not for your amusement, then at least so I can have it written down somewhere to look back later.


Well, I guess we can start with a baseball card theme and work from there.  The card you see above is Andrew Cashner's base card.  I pulled it out of a pack this weekend, which was awesome, as it gets me that much closer to the rainbow that I'm working on.  Here's what I've got so far…

Acetate #/10, blue, red, red foil, green, purple, yellow, camo #/99, black #/63.
I had a copy of the gold parallel, but it had some corner issues that I wasn't thrilled about, so it's back on the want list.  Also need the pink one, which is numbered to 50.

Speaking of Andrew Cashner, pitchers and catchers reported a while back, and now position players are in Spring Training as well.  I had hoped to make it three years in a row attending Spring Training in Arizona, but we want to make sure that we have the cash to visit San Diego during the summer break, so we're saving our big trip for July or August.  This means that I'll be able to go to South By Southwest, a big music festival in Austin, which I have only been to once, when we first moved to Texas.  We'll see how that goes.


Speaking of Andrew Cashner again (okay, I promise, last time), I joined a fantasy baseball league for the first time (I was the commissioner of a few six team leagues with my family members/friends a few years ago, but I've never blindly joined a league where I wasn't in charge).  The draft was really early, but here's my team: 

The league is already really annoying me because the commissioner weighted the points heavily in favor of home run hitters, which I kind of took into account during the draft, but didn't realize how meaningless a lot of the pitchers will be in comparison.  Whatever, I'm mostly in it to have fun, hence the five Padres you see on my roster (it'll be six once I drop Moustakas and add My Man Chris Denorfia).


Oh, on Sunday I was in charge of cooking.  Doesn't happen a whole lot, unless we're doing grilled cheese or Little Ceasar's.  Since our church services don't end until around 5:00, we try to do crockpot meals on Sunday so it's all ready when we get home.

I made pulled pork sandwiches.  They didn't look quite like this, since we were too hungry to bother with making the cole slaw (and we were a few ingredients short), and we used King's Hawaiian Sweet rolls instead of the fancy looking one here, but they were still really good.  My wife was a little upset in the morning because I didn't use a recipe that was similar to ones that her friends had used, but I got the recipe from CHOW.com and it had good reviews plus a video to show how it was done (it was easy), and my wife agreed that it came out great.  Had it for dinner last night as well.


My son Foster is a little over a year old, and while he is still a struggling communicator, he has been able to let us know how much he likes dinosaurs.  It's pretty rad, since indoctrinating his older sister has been a conscious effort (Ninja Turtles and "The Padres" are things that I make sure she is aware of and likes), but he picked it up pretty much on his own.  We have a few dinosaur books and those are ones that he wants us to read all the time.

Well, we were at WalMart running errands and we stopped to look down an aisle that had these little dinosaur toys collectibles on the end cap.  They were in opaque packs, so you couldn't see which one you were getting, but there were dinosaurs on the packaging, so Fozzie started getting really excited and tried to grab at one.  I had planned on just letting him hold it for a while and then putting it back, but he loved it (and started chewing on it), so we felt obligated to buy it.  Some of the dinosaurs looked pretty lame, but I think we lucked out with this pachyrhinosaur.  I was pretty much obsessed with dinosaurs as a kid, so it's cool to see the kid taking after his dad.


One thing that I would love to have my kids get from me is also my love for music.  More specifically good music.  While some of the bands I listen to sound pretty similar, there is still a pretty large range of music that I enjoy.

One of my favorite bands is a band from Orange County called Limbeck.  I've shown some of their videos on here before, but this weekend I had a mentionable experience on twitter, something I'm becoming addicted to.  I'll show tell the story in tweets…

 I had been making a string of sarcastic tweets about how the Padres should go back to the all yellow uniforms from 1972.  This was in response to basically two groups of Padres fans who have been bickering over uniform choices for the past few years.  The "Bring Back The Brown" crowd (who I happen to identify myself with) been fighting to recognize the Padre heritage and have brown be a primary color in the uniform scheme.  The other party is in favor of keeping the current uniform with all of it's boring blue.  These people are morons.

Anyways, as I has making comments about how they should go back to the all yellow, I also commented on a tweet made by Limbeck (they've been inactive for a few years, but posted a photo of them mixing some songs on a laptop.  After commenting on that, this happened...

In twitter-land (man, there's a country I wouldn't want to live in), it's a big deal when someone famous "follows" you.  While it would be cool if a ball player I liked followed me, there is no ball player who is cooler (at least in my mind) than Limbeck.  And not only did they decide to follow me, they also supported the "Bring Back The Yellow" movement!  Kinda started doing it because I was bored, but still cool that they thought it was cool.

Anyways, I had a mini-geek out, and listened to Limbeck pretty much the rest of the weekend, and haven't stopped yet.


We'll go ahead and end with another baseball card, this one of the Padres top prospect, catcher Austin Hedges.  I got this from a PWE from Hot Corner Cards.  Trying to curb my enthusiasm with Hedges, but the guys seems legit.  I played catcher when I was a kid, and I like watching good catchers.  It's been a while since the Padres had one of those.  Not that they've all been bad (though they mostly have), having an good would be nice.

I have a bunch of trade posts to get to, including great great stuff from Night Owl, Johnny's Trade Spot, Jay Barker Fan, and Jeff W., so hopefully I can get to those sooner rather than later.

Happy Tuesday to everybody!


  1. I've always wanted to go to South by Southwest..

  2. I'm thinking about diving back into fantasy baseball this year. It's been two years since I've done anything related to fantasy sports.