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Monday, February 17, 2014

Presidential Padres

There are ten names that have been had by both presidents and Padres.

2nd & 6th – John Adams & John Quincy Adams – Mike Adams
3rd – Thomas Jefferson – Stan Jefferson
7th – Andrew Jackson – Damian, Danny, Darrin, and Roy Lee Jackson
12th – Zachary Taylor – Kerry Taylor
15th – James Buchanan – Brian Buchanan
17th & 36th – Andrew Johnson & Lyndon B. Johnson – Ben, Brian, Jerry, Jonathan, Mike, & Rob Johnson
18th – Ulysses S. Grant – Mark Grant
28th – Woodrow Wilson – Earl & Josh Wilson
35th – John F. Kennedy – Ian & Terry Kennedy
39th – Jimmy Carter – Joe Carter

I also have a card of Homer Bush, not to be confused with either the 41st or 43rd presidents, both by the name of George.

I have no cards of Brian Buchanan or either of the Wilson's, but here is a cardboard collage of Padres with presidential last names.

L-R Adams, Bush, Jefferson, Kennedy, Taylor, Johnson, Grant, and Carter
L-R Mike, Homer, Stan, Terry, Kerry, Brian, Mark, and Joe


  1. Oh yeah? Well, we have President Kershaw and President Puig... Oh, wait...

    Well, we DID have a guy named John Kennedy play for us in the '60s. (It's true.)

  2. Great post. But I have a question for you...

    JFK & Terry Kennedy vs. Jimmy and Joe Carter... in a tag team match... who wins?

  3. I missed this post yesterday. Great idea and well executed.

    I went through the Rockies and there are only 6 players with Presidential last names, although there is one that is not on your list.

    Charlie Hayes
    Alan, Charles, and Howard Johnson
    Joe Kennedy
    Preston Wilson

    Although I do have a Rockies card of Jermaine Van Buren, but he never made the majors.