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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


By now, you've probably read or heard or seen that plays at the plate like the one pictured above are going to be illegal.  You know, if the ump thinks it's illegal.  Probably.

Can't say that I like it, and I got knocked over a couple of times as a catcher when I was in Pony League.  Loved it.  Probably a lot different when it's Carlos Quentin, but I have to imagine that's what you sign up for when you play the position.

What is still very legal is sending me baseball cards with no strings attached.

This happened recently with a bubble mailer I received from Jeff over at 2 x 3 Heroes.  At first, I freaked out because I thought, "Did we have a trade set up?  Why is this here?"  Then I read the note and remembered that he had posted that he was looking to "dump" a bunch of cards that he didn't want, and I had claimed all the Padres.

It was from a few months ago, but the great thing about free cards is that I don't care when I get them.  

Now, normally getting cards from the 2010 Upper Deck set isn't a very noteworthy occurrence.  Trust me, there were plenty from this set that got tossed into the "don't need 'em" pile.  But I can't pass up a good David Eckstein card.  He doesn't have any bad cards (well, at least as a Padre).  I actually had the Ernesto Frieri card a while back, but gave it to my brother Ammon, who was a big Frieri fan at the time.  Not sure how his fandom has changed now that he's an Angel.

While I usually like saving the "best card" in a trade post for last (well, at least that's how it usually seems to shake down), I'll go ahead and jump the gun here.  This Luke Gregerson card has been on my "Lookout" list ever since he was traded to Oakland.  There are only five different Gregerson cards (not counting the endless parallel versions), and now I've got 'em all (the rest are from '11-'13 Topps and '13 Heritage).  I still like the Padres bullpen without Luke, but he's still a guy I'll miss.

Here are some entries to the Miscellaneous Padres binder as well.  Jimmy Baron never played a game for the Padres, but I just love the '92 Stadium Club set, so he's in.  I've gotten a bunch of Marc Kroon cards lately, and I like the look of this one as well.  While I am not really much of an Adrian Gonzalez fan, I suppose that in time I'll get over his Dodger-ness.  I watched the '98 NLCS Game 2 last night with Foster, and if I can forgive Kevin Brown (who went to LA right after the '98 season via free agency), I suppose that being traded there is less of an issue for me.

Here are two cards that I could've sworn that I already had, but didn't.  Love Khalil.  Mark Grant has a huge looking head.

Here are two cards that have made it into the "Padres in Catchers Gear" section of the Rad binder.  I think I have two other Mike Piazza cards that show him in an almost identical pose.  Still, it's a good shot, can't say I blame anyone there.  The other card is the back of Brad Ausmus' '94 Donruss card.

Gotta love Greg Maddux as a Padre.  Well, I mean, most people don't, but I have to.

Here's the last Padre of the post, a cool horizontal shot of Quilvio Veras about to tag out one of those Cub guys.  Ted Leitner, one of the Padres radio guys who's been around for a long time, calls Carlos Quentin "Q".  This bothers me greatly, since there can only be 1 "Q".  It is Quilvio Veras.

I'm sure a lot of Lawrence Taylor fans felt the same way about LaDainian Tomlinson being called "LT".  Whatever.

I must've also said that I'd take the A's off his hands.  I have a bunch of A's cards that I can't unload, but I take 'em because there's a lot of overlap between Padres and A's that I like: Kevin Kouzmanoff, Huston Street, Rickey Henderson, Mark Kotsay, etc.  Anyways, I got a Huston Street that I might keep, along with a  few others, but these were my favorite A's cards of the lot.  Kurt Suzuki is a known-mostly-for-his-defense catcher, which is what I related to as a kid.  Plus, we both went to Cal State Fullerton at the same time, so even though I transferred after a year, I still think it's cool to pick up his cards.

Thanks for dumping these cards on me, Jeff!  I have some token Sox cards on the way to ya soon as a thank you!

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  1. I gotta love Maddux as a Padre too.. and that card, especially, looks great.