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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Cards That I Didn't Already Have

I've been feeling a bit of a drag when it comes to my desire to blog, lately.  I attribute it to work feeling a little more time consuming and not having a lot of energy in my downtime.  Still reading what everybody else is writing, just not writing as much (though this is still the 19th post this month, so I've hit more days than I've missed - the release of 2014 Topps gave me some stuff to write about).

One thing that will always get me up and blogging is a good envelope full of cards.  Most of these came via The Junior Junkie.  Starting off, we have the "headliner" card, Tony Gwynn from the 2013 Panini Hometown Heroes set.  Well, at least I think that's the name of the set.  Not being near a hobby shop, I only know about the cards that are sold in retail stores, and the only Panini I saw last year was Prizm and Pinnacle (and even then, it wasn't often).  Love this card - the lack of logos remind me of the old oddball cards you'd see in cereal boxes like Post or Cap'n Crunch.

Here are two other pretty slick cards as well.  Ben Davis has the jawline of a cartoon superhero and the career batting average of a backup shortstop.  Still, the dude had some great cards, and this one will go into the Padres catchers in gear portion of the Rad binder (AKA The Binder Formerly Known as Sweetness).  I shoulda looked on the back before putting it away, but "All Sport" is an oddball of some sort, as logos have been stripped away and the nameplate says "San Diego" with no mention of Padres.    We also have my first auto of recently former Padre Logan Forsythe.  I actually got this card the day before the "blockbuster" trade that sent him to Tampa Bay, along with four others from the Padres org.

I always chuckle when I think about typing "Mini Gwynn", since (as long as I've been aware of him) "mini" is not always an adjective that would accurately describe Mr. Gwynn.  This Gwynn gets me to 417 total Gwynn's or a small fraction of the number of Griffey cards that the Jr. Junkie has.  Cooler than a mini Gwynn is a vintage-y autograph of Steve Mura.  I'll have to look into Jim Beswick and Broderick Perkins and see if I could get them to sign this as well, that'd be kinda cool.  Won't hold my breath quite yet, as I have yet to ever send out an autograph request through the mail, but Spring Training is coming up soon, so I think that'll get me motivated to get that taken care of.

Here's the fruits of a trade with a reader named Shant.  He's from Florida, but is a Tigers fan.  He contacted me a few weeks ago about some stuff on my trade list and I had to let him down and tell him that the list was not updated.  I've since deleted the whole list and plan on starting it over again soon, but I was able to find some suitable cards to send over in return for this mini Yonder Alonso card.

Next up, a small padded mailer from a few hours north of where I'm at in Texas, from Tom at The Angels In Order.  He's a good source of new Darin Erstad cards, and I needed six of these eight, bringing my Erstad total to 155, by far my largest collection of a non-Padre player.

I'll finish off today's post with a recent eBay pickup that I wanted to give it's own post, but I've got a backlog of trade posts/other stuff to get to, so I'll add it to this one.

Greg Maddux is one of the best pitchers of all time and I was able to get this card for cheap after he was voted into the Hall of Fame.  Think the Padres uniform cheapened it up a little bit?  Probably.  Think I care.  Heck no, I prefer it!  Had the privilege of watching him pitch a game at Petco Park, something cool I'll be able to tell my kids.

Anyways, thanks for giving me stuff to write about guys.  You're all swell in my book.


  1. Looking at Broderick Perkins made me smile.

  2. I've gotta track me down that Maddux. The problem is determining if it goes with my Maddux PC... or the Padres PC. I'm thinking team trumps player ;-)

  3. Nice Maddux card. My Padre Maddux card in my collection is the 2007 Topps Walmart insert.
    Would you be interested in a 1976 SSPC card of Dave Winfield card? I have one available for trade. I do also have some random and oddball Steve Garvey padre cards that are extras from Spartan collection