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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Binder 'Em, Danno

Well, it took me a whole "card year" to finish the Padres team set for 2013 Topps, but the main reason was that I was trying to put them together with the "emerald" parallel.

I'm not sure why I liked it enough to try to build the whole set, but I do like how it looks when it's all organized into pages in my Team Set binder.  So that you can experience the magic as well, here is the complete team set (I think, please correct me if I'm wrong), including inserts.

There were only nine Padres in Series 1 last year, enough to fill a whole page.  Will Venable has the best card on here, though the Yonder Alonso 80's throwback is a good one as well.  I like the 70's throwback uniform that Cameron Maybin is sporting, but I don't think this particular photo makes for a good card.  

The lone exception to the "emerald-ness" is the Cameron Maybin "Out of Bounds" short print.  Here's where Series 2 started, and this was a better go around for the Friars.  Everth Cabrera's card is an appropriate one for the 2012 NL leader in stolen bases.  Huston Street's card is only one of two in the set to show the memorial patch that the team wore for bullpen coach Darrel Akerfelds.  The Carlos Quentin card has hands down the best photo of the set, as he heads for what is now an illegal hit on the catcher.  Sigh.

Here's the last full page of the base set.  Jedd Gyorko's card is the one that I will think of as the "headliner" of the set, since it's been a while since the Padres had a player with an above average rookie year.  Jason Marquis is the other player with the Akerfelds patch.  As much as I love Andrew Cashner and the '98 throwback uniforms, the card just looks rough.  Not great.  Alexi Amarista's card is fun, and of course, no Padres set is ever complete without an appearance from Chris Denorfia.

Trade deadline pickup Ian Kennedy is the last base card, and is followed by the inserts.  There were ten Padre base inserts in 2014 Topps (as far as I'm aware), and half of those belonged to Tony Gwynn.  The "Chasing History" ones were super lame, but the rest of them weren't bad.  Not spectacular, but worth picking up.  The "Chase It Down" inserts seemed like a great idea, but weren't as great as I was hoping, and seeing Yonder Alonso make it onto a list of some sort was cool.

Here are the last cards from the set.  After this, the 2013 Pinnacle team set starts on the same page.  The Gyorko "Making Their Mark" insert is my favorite of the set.  Above average design, plus the camo uniforms, and you can't go wrong.

Anyways, that was my first attempt at building a team set that was all of one parallel.  Since getting back into card collecting late in 2011, my 2011 and 2012 Padres team set pages look like this:

This is the page that has the most variety, at four different parallels and four regular base cards.  I don't know that I particularly like how this looks, but it captures pretty well my mindset during my re-entrance back into the hobby - all over the place.  Each time I got a parallel that I thought was "better" or "harder to find", I'd swap it out.  Now I feel like I've found my groove and have found out what I this is just alright and what I think I really like.

I'll be laying out my (tentative) plans for building the Padres team set in the next post, probably tomorrow.

Pitchers and catchers are reporting soon!  Though you wouldn't know based on the temperature here in central Texas: low 20's/high teens.  Ug!  Wouldn't mind being able to fast forward to April!


  1. Nice job on tracking down all the '13 Friars, Marcus. Pretty attractive looking pages!

  2. I can only dream of completing a Braves parallel set, even though I want them all. Really! Great job, congrats. Let us know if you are going back to "fix" the 2011 and 2012 pages, and what you need.