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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

3 Years of Harper

I can't believe that it has been three years.

No, not three years since Bryce Harper's rookie card came out (I don't think this officially qualifies as his "rookie card" since it has his Rookie Debut date on the bottom).

It has been a lot longer than three years since Tommy Harper stopped playing baseball.

Nope, it has been three years since I was first blessed with my oldest daughter, Harper.  She looks a little goofy here, in a picture taken last Fourth of July.  But she is a sweetheart.  Loves her ice cream, too.

Here are some "cuter" pictures of here.  I don't want to get all mushy on a blog that is normally reserved for opinions on super important matters like baseball and cardboard, but she is wonderful.  Having her has changed my life completely, and it is awesome.  Hard, sometimes, but awesome.

Over the weekend, we celebrated her third birthday.  Nothing too fancy, just a present, a balloon, and a cake.  You wouldn't have thought it was just that based on her smile, but she pretty happy the majority of the time.

She seems big now, and I can hardly remember the day that she first came home, other than that I felt worried that I was going to drop her and break her.  Her shoulders and knees hardly even fit in that little carseat now, but she looked so small sitting in there.

Now she is a "big girl", who usually does her business in the toilet, loves princesses and going to church, and likes to sing to herself when she thinks we aren't listening.  I always thought it was weird to hear people say that they were "proud" of their kids, even if they were really little.  "Really?  You're proud of them?  What have they even done?"  Now I get it.  She is amazing and wonderful and will probably drive me crazy enough to lose what is remaining of my hair  But she is definitely worth everything.

Nothing will ever compare to the love that I have for that little bundle of trouble.

Last night, for the first time in a long time, I rocked her and sang this song to her, one that I sang when she was small enough to put in a shoe box.  I don't know if she will ever remember me singing this to her, and it's not like it's a "dad singing to his daughter" type song, but it definitely has a lullaby-feel to it, and it certainly did the job for a while.

Thanks for indulging me on the detour.  As far as priorities are, being a card collector takes a backseat to being a dad.  More card-type stuff tomorrow, probably.


  1. Here Here! You enjoy those moments, and as a father to 4 now grown girls I can tell you Cherish every moment. Spoil them "a little" when you can, but not always. Always be proud and let them know it. My girls are more precious than any thing I own or could ever own. The youngest isn't talking to me right now, she's is mad, but that will pass as you will find out in time. FAMILY.

  2. That picture with the balloon is better than anything Topps put out this year.

  3. PS. side note on my girls. birthdays. Lyneas was Dec. 9, Hunters was Jan 30, Brittanys was Feb 3, and Christys (and my mothers) is Feb 25. Throw in the Christmas, Valentines, talk about eating cake and presents. A very rough time of the year, but also the best.

  4. Your daughter and I share a birthday! Happy birthday, Harper!

  5. Have three daughters myself. Youngest is a freshman in college. Cherish all those memories. They grow up quick. Birthday wishes to Harper. Great name by the way

  6. She is a doll! Thanks for sharing, and Happy Birthday, Harper!

  7. Great photos Marcus. I can't even remember my boys being as little as Harper in the car seat. Enjoy her and your son while they're young. Happy Birthday Harper!

  8. Congrats my friend! Any plans for a little boy named Bryce? I suppose you could name him Trout to go with the 2012 RoY theme...