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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wish List for 2014 Topps

I've already seen the Padres checklist for Topps Series I, and it's surprisingly good.  Only one guy that's no longer with the team (Clayton Richard), and thirteen other guys.  I've seen a few pictures of cards from this year's Topps set, but only two Padres (Tommy Medica and Reymond Fuentes), and they look alright, but the design is still the same, which is pretty universally bad.

This isn't a "wish list" in terms of who I hope will be on the checklist for Series I/II, but the actual pictures that I hope that are used on the cards.  Since it seems that Topps gets most/all of their photos from Getty Images, so I scoured Getty Images for good Padres pics.  Here are the ones that I liked the best for some of your favorite Friars.

Yonder Alonso:
I wanted to find a picture of him playing second or third base, which the Padres first baseman played for less than an inning during a game against the Dodgers at the beginning of last season.  No dice.  I kinda like this dugout shot of him with presumably best friend Jedd Gyorko.  I mean, Jedd is a natural third baseman who prefers to play second just so they can be next to each other.  So sweet.

Alexi Amarista:
I love love love the uniforms from the Pacific Coast League Padres.  The brown and yellow is great, but these were my favorite uniforms the Padres wore in 2013.  Unfortunately, the night they wore these against the Giants was probably the low point of the year, and was frankly a game that made me embarrassed to be a Padre fan.  But this would still be a cool shot of Alexi Amarista scoring what was a rare Padre run.

Everth Cabrera:
Any shot of Everth Cabrera from 2013 will have to be from the first part of the year, as he was suspended the last 50 games of the season for PED use.  Yep, that was the Padres All-Star rep.  Ug.

Andrew Cashner: Realistic
Alright, I found four shots of one of my favorite Padres, Andrew Cashner, that would be great.  In all likelihood, this is the one that has the greatest chance to be chosen.  It's your basic pitcher's shot, pitching away from Petco Park from the stretch.  Like the away grays, much better than the home whites.

Andrew Cashner: Cool
I guess I could see this being one of those gimmicky short prints, if Cashner was a more popular player.  Still, this would be a very cool shot of him being congratulated by teammate Alexi Amarista.  Sweet shades in the San Diego sun.

Andrew Cashner: Action!
How many cards feature pitchers in action shots like this?  Not many.  Add to the fact that the play shows Cashner tagging out the guy that he was traded for (Cubs 1B Anthony Rizzo), and it makes it pretty awesome.

Andrew Cashner: Freaking Awesome
Alright, this one is probably the most unlikely to be used out of the whole lot, but wouldn't it be freaking awesome?  Looks like Cash is working on some sprints, which comes in handy when Bud Black calls on him to pinch run.  Yes, Yonder Alonso has played second base and Andrew Cashner has been put in as a pinch runner (and pinch hitter, for that matter).  Cashner is the man.

Chris Denorfia: Evening
This reminds me of the AJ Pierzynski card from last year's set.  You could do a whole lot worse than watching the sun setting behind the palm trees at Dodger Stadium.  

Chris Denorfia: Night Owl
But maybe you don't like sunsets.  Maybe you're all about the night.  Here we have another shot of Deno near the dugout, this time with the bright stadium lights illuminating the field.  For me, I can't decide if I like this one or the one before it better, I'd be happy with either one.  Heck, I'd be happy if I didn't have to wait until the Update set to get a Chris Denorfia card.

Chris Denorfia: Sock
Maybe it's just because I already miss Luke Gregerson, but I really like this photo of Deno and Luke chattin' it up.  Love those throwbacks.  One of a kind uniforms right there.

Jedd Gyorko: Under the Lights
Here's a similar shot to the nighttime Denorfia shot, only this time it's taken at Petco Park.  Love this photo.

Jedd Gyorko: Throwback
Nothing too fancy here, but the throwback brown and yellow looks sharp here.

Jedd Gyorko: Goodbye!
Jedd Gyorko led all NL rookies in homers this year with 23.  He set the home run record for Padres second basemen, which was previously set by Bret Boone in 2000 (19).  Here he is admiring his handiwork in the last series of the year against the Giants.

Will Venable: PCL Pt. 3
Alright, I've already said it here, but I really like the PCL Padre uniforms.  I also find Venable's followthrough to be pretty interesting to look at, as it seems that his front foot always has his toe pointed up.  Swinging from his heels?  Seems like a tough way to get moving down the line afterward, but he did benefit from them moving the right field fences in, and had a career high 22 homers in 2013.

Do I really think that any of these shots will be used on a baseball card this year?


But if they did, it'd be pretty cool.


  1. I miss Cashner. He always seemed like a fun guy and that camo outfit he has just confirms it. The shot of him tagging out Rizzo would be my pick for his card. I don't think Topps would make the connection that the two players were traded for each other though.

  2. Padres definitely got some love in this year's checklist. Aside from the two you mentioned, the Cashner is the only one I've seen so far. Let's say, Topps definitely played it safe when it could have gone a little wackier.

  3. My lone hanger box yielded 5 Padres...two of which were sporting their camo unis (Huston Street & Yonder Alonso). No throwback unis though.

  4. Great photos!.. hope at least a couple of these make it onto a card.

  5. I thinik the Denorfia night-time shot at Petco's on-deck circle was my favorite of the pics. As for the Padres PCL unis, to me, they look too much like the current Atlanta Braves uniforms. And, as always, the throwback uniforms look just awesome. Great column idea to filter through all these photos for possible 2014 Topps cards.