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Monday, January 13, 2014

Two Weeks Worth Of Mail

When we left for vacation, we had the post office hold all of our mail.  The following is the contents of probably the most massive mail day in the history of the blog.  It all came in on Tuesday, and it's taken me like a week to finish this post.

Starting off short and sweet with a little eBay pickup.  There are a bunch of Kevin Kouzmanoff autos floating out there in the ether, but most of them are of the sticker variety.  I'm a little more partial to the on-card autos, and this one was about three bucks.  KOOOOOUUUUUZZZZ!

Next up, I received a PWE from Battlin' Bucs.  I won a contest of some sort.  I think it was for choosing a sweet looking card with a city skyline, probably something from 1993 Leaf.  There were some good cards in the PWE, but this was easily my favorite - and one that I was really surprised that I didn't already have!  Hoffman is a definite Hall of Famer, and having an "orange line" card of him is great.  The photo on the back isn't too shabby, either.

Here is the contents of a PWE from Chris at Nachos Grande.  This was a strict two for two trade, though I can't remember which two cards I sent over to him.  The Abbott card is from 2012 Archives, one of the short prints.  I'm a big fan of the '92 Topps design, as it was the first year that I started collecting baseball cards.  I really liked the idea of the "Calling Card" insert in 2013 Topps Series 1, but not always the execution.  Still, I liked this Brandon Phillips card.

My second of the eBay pickups.  This is from the 1953 Mother's Cookies set.  Vintage Padre alert!  There are seven Padre cards in the '53 Mother's Cookies set, and I now have four.  That's pretty cool.  I only have two of eight from the '52 set, so there's still more out there, somewhere.  Pretty scarce, especially at a decently affordable price.  Someday.

Earl Rapp played in the majors for three years ('49, '51-'52) and a total of 135 games.  His stats from his last year in the majors with the St. Louis Browns and the Washington Senators are on the back of his card.  For his career, he had a .262 average, 2 homers, and 39 RBI.  He played for the PCL Padres from '53 to '56, the last of which the Padres were a Cleveland affiliate.  He played in over 120 games each of his four seasons there and never hit below .300.  He even hit 30 homers in 1955.  Not too shabby.

Next up, we have my first ever trade with Kenny aka Zippy Zappy.  He recently started his own blog, Cervin' Up Cards, which you should check out if you haven't already.  I had seen him on the blogosphere and was jealous of all the people who he had sent Sega Card-Gen cards to.  After posting about a Chris Denorfia card that I had bought from Japan, he emailed me and said he had a few more Padres from the set if I was interested.  I was.

This was my favorite of the three he sent, just because I'm a big Kyle Blanks fan.  I'm pretty sure that the stars on the front designate how good the players are, which is kind of a slap in the face.  Can't they hide the sad truth on the back of the card?  Plus, he's not one star player!


As he does with the Sega Card-Gen cards, he translates them all into English.  Here's the excerpt from Kyle's.  In the letter, Kenny also apologizes for his handwriting, which was not necessary.  1) It's not that bad, and 2) I read seven year old handwriting for a living, this is easy.

Here's what the backs look like, more numbers and scales and stuff.  Also, Cam Maybin's card, which shows that he his a three star player.  Sounds pretty good, until you see that it's on an eight point scale.

While the Max Fried card at the top wasn't one that I knew was coming, this was the big surprise of the package.  I'm not a big fan of the '70 Topps set, and it's not a Padres team set that I plan on building.  Still, this Clay Kirby card is a good one.  I like Kirby cards, seeing as how he was the first in a long line of Padres to "almost" throw a no-hitter.  This one wins a spot in the Miscellaneous Padres J-Y binder, which currently has a population of 584.  It's the best on on the page.

Not all of the packages were baseball card related.  I got a package from my buddy Duff, a fellow Friar fan and the author of Bleedin' Brown and Gold, who sent this Christmas ornament to my kids.  It's made out of clay, and I was impressed by the craftsmanship.  Especially digging the texture on Santa's beard, but more impressed that somebody spent the time to make it and send it to my kids.  Thanks Duff!

Last but not least, a package from a new trading partner!  I got a package of vintage Padres from Harry, a reader who has started (but not posted anything yet?) on a blog of his own.  He sent me an email titled "70s Padres".  I clicked on that one right away.  Of note was this sweet '76 Randy Jones card that I didn't already have.  I'm currently not working on any other vintage Padres sets (already completed '69, '71, '73, and '77), but if I decide to try it again, I'll probably chase after the '76 set, I dig the use of brown and yellow in the design and the inset pictures by the position.

Next up, a trio of "In Action" cards from 1972.  The card of a young "Cito" Gaston is probably the most noteworthy here, though I also like that you can see the ball in midair on the Clay Kirby card.  Two Kirby's in the same post!  Both have spots in the Miscellaneous Padres binders, while Bob Barton makes it into the Sweetness binder, in the "Padres Catchers in Gear" mini-collection.

In yesterday's post, I listed all of the former Padres who had been voted into the Hall of Fame.  Here are two of them again.  I have about a page of Rollie Fingers cards, but none of them show him in action.  Just him standing around or posing.  To repeat again, I really like the '76 Topps design, and I think that the Winfield is the cream of the crop from that set.

Since I collect almost exclusively Padre cards, it sounds a little weird to say that I have "mini-collections", since almost all revolve around the Padres.  Still, another collection in the Sweetness binder (I'm open to new titles for the binder, but that's what it's been dubbed for now) is a few pages of Padres team cards.  Even though the quality of these is pretty low (this photo is a little blurry, but it'd still be pretty hard to make out any of those faces), I still like these and am trying to figure out the years that Topps came out with these and see if I can get 'em all.

Last but not least, my favorite card from Harry: my first Willie McCovey card from his Padre days.  I posted this one yesterday, but here's how I got it.  Sometimes I'm not a big fan of the colors used in the '75 Topps set.  This is not one of those times.  This card is stellar in every way.

Phew!  The end!  Thanks so much to all the great bloggers, readers, traders, and just genuinely good people that have contributed cards to my collection.  Hopefully you got back something you liked in return, or at least enjoyed the satisfaction of knowing that you are awesome.

Happy Monday!


  1. Glad you enjoyed the cards. If you ever decide to complete the 76 set let me know. I have a few Gwynn's to send your way also. Those Mothers Cookies cards are awesome. Very hard to find at reasonable prices.
    Mark aka "Harry"

  2. that checklist is from 1972, the card below it is from 1975