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Thursday, January 30, 2014

The First Page

Well, 2014 Topps is out, and I've really enjoyed reading the new reviews from all the different blogs I frequent.  I don't think I skipped any, I read 'em all.  Even if there's nothing new to say, I still like reading everyone's take on new product.  Well, except Bowman, that's always super boring.

Anyways, like every single other year of my life, I am not going to be collecting the set.  I have no need for so many non-Padre cards in my garage or my life, so I'll be sticking to the Padres team set and a few parallels (more on that later), for the most part.

However, while reading garveyceyrusselllopes recently, I got an idea.  Well, actually it was probably his idea and I'm probably just stealing it and using it for myself.  For some older sets that he has no chance of completing, he was making "sampler sets" with small groups of the different types of cards from the same set.  I think I missed a few posts on this subject, but it seems like each "sampler set" had a card from each team.

Well, that sounds good to me!  I don't want to skip out on a chance to get some other cards I like just because they're not Padres.  And I kinda like the challenge to find a card from the whole set that I like for each team.

I've actually decided to do this with a few other sets that I've enjoyed, ranging from my childhood to the present: '92, '93, '11, '12, '13, '14.

I'll post more details on all those in the future.  It's nothing ambitious, really - 30 cards, one from each team, and then six "extra" cards, for the ones that I still just like, just to fill out the last page page.

Anyways, of all the cards that I got on the first day that this year's Topps went "live", here are the ones that are sticking in the binder… for now.

They all have the possibility of being dethroned either by another card from this series, or from Series 2 or Update.  As of right now, I have a hard time believing that any other cards are going to be able to best the Yankees or A's picks here, although that Yoenis Cespedes card that I've seen on other blogs looks pretty stellar as well.  I can see an Oakland card snagging one of the "wildcard" spots.  Matt Lindstrom is a guy I like a lot, but he'll have a lot of competition, since Paul Konerko is my favorite non-Padre player.

Anyways, that's what I'm doing with Topps cards for a few sets.  Let me know in the comments of any cards that you think I need to add that maybe I haven't seen yet.


  1. I got the Padres as a random team in a case break. When I get my package I'll let you know what I have if you're interested.

  2. Very cool idea. As for the Doolittle... I just so happen to be wearing my "We Own The West" shirt today.

  3. I assume you've seen the Coco Crisp. I'd save that one. I wouldn't mid a page of the best throwback uni's myself.

    1. From looking at the checklist, there are a decent amount of throwback uniforms, but none by the Padres. Weak.

      You're right though, the A's have some sweet cards.