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Monday, January 20, 2014


My mailbox has been stuffed lately.  Not a lot of stuff all at once, but little by little, on a daily basis.  Stuffed with small envelopes stuffed with cards.  Lots of good stuff in small quantities.  Here's a quick rundown of the last four envelopes that have made their way down to my little spot in Texas.

First up, a plain white envelope from Johnny's Trading Spot.  He's becoming a very frequent PWE trader.  I already have this San Diego Chicken card, but it's a great card to have doubles of (up for grabs!) and always fun to look at.

The rest of the envelope was stuffed with '87 Donruss.  '87 Donruss proves to be one of the few exceptions to the rule that black bordered cards are undoubtedly awesome (a rule established by '71 Topps and '92 Pinnacle).  Still, there were a handful of them that made it into the Miscellaneous Padres binders.  I'm not sure why, but I seem to hang onto most of the Terry Kennedy cards that cross my paths.  This is also my first Randy Asadoor cards.  He was a career .364 hitter, but only played in 15 games and got 60 plate appearances (20 for 55, 5 doubles and 7 RBI), all for the Padres in 1986.  His wikipedia pages says that the cause of his short stint may have been his defense, since he had 5 errors at third in only 15 games.

Here's a trio of Padres hurlers that also made it into the binders.  I'm a fan of Craig Lefferts' mustache, but this card is especially noteworthy with the groundskeeper-looking guy in the background.  Digging the "RAK" memorial patch on Andy Hawkins, honoring the man who saved baseball in San Diego, Ray Kroc.  RIP Eric Show.

My favorite card of the bunch, however, was this Benito Santiago card.  All of his cards need to say "Benito".  None of this "Benny" crap.  I'm not sure what the difference between the maroon '87 Donruss cards and the black bordered ones, but any Benito is a good Benito.

Next up, there's a PWE from a reader named Jimmy.  Always love to get emails from first time trading partners.  Unfortunately, I was really late in getting my half of the trade back out to him, but they left a few days ago, Jimmy, thanks for being patient!  

Jimmy shipped over one of the few remaining cards from my '13 Pinnacle want list.  That was one of my favorite sets from last year, though I'm not trying to put the whole set together.  Still, this is a great card of the all-time stolen base leader.

But that was only the beginning of the black-bordered goodness.  He was able to knock four cards off my 2013 Topps Update Mini list.  This brings me down to eight cards that I need to complete the 50 card set.  These were very much appreciated.

So thorough was his perusal of my want list, that he even included a 1993 Topps card that's been sitting on the "Lookout" list for a few months.  Still on the list is a card that is "closely related" to this card, which is Gary Gaetti's card.  Both cards will be featured together in their own post once it arrives from… somewhere.

This pair of cards came my way courtesy of Nathan over at Big 44 Cards.  I would say that he's a "trading partner", except that he's usually sending over cards that are way better than anything that I've ever sent in return.  More than a trade partner, I'm more of a charity case.  He's a bit nicer than that, saying that I'm his "Padres guy".  If it means getting a sapphire parallel of this Yonder Alonso card, then I'll take it.  He also tossed in this card of "Benny" Santiago card.  Look at how old this card is, you think I didn't already have it?  Oh wait… I didn't.  Thanks man!

Last but not least, a card that I've been looking forward to for a while.  Wes over at Jaybarkerfan's Junk  had a free card draft a while back.  I was one of the few lucky participants, and I was able to get my first choice of cards.  Normally, I'm not much of a "relic" person.  However, this was no ordinary relic card.  It wasn't some plain white swatch of a jersey that a player may or may not have worn in a game - it was a piece of wood.  And it wasn't a bat, it was a piece of an "original Cleveland Municipal Stadium seat".  Though I'm not an Indians fan, this is still a very cool card to have.  Thanks Wes!

Four great groups of cards from four great baseball card guys.  Thanks everybody!  Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day as well!


  1. The maroon Santiago is from Donruss' Opening Day set that year. It's a separate set.

  2. I have the Gaetti set aside for you. I REALLY need to stop dawdling and go to the post office.

  3. I just recently received that Junior Ortiz "play at the plate" as well, it's definitely a beauty. Also, I wouldn't mind having a copy of that San Diego Chicken card if you have a spare.

  4. I've got your back... Benito > Benny