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Sunday, January 19, 2014

More Jerry

Another week or so, and there are more Jerry Coleman bits and pieces to add to my collection.

This is was the last Coleman card that I bought before he passed away on January 5th of this year.  Finally came, and it's in pretty decent condition for being only five bucks.  I posted about getting Jerry's '51 Bowman card a while back, and now I have a copy of his '52 Bowman card as well.  These are totally awesome, I love the painted look.  Very cool look with the stands in the background as well.

I also got this card from the 2003 Flair Greats set.  I'm not normally much of a "relic" guy, but having a piece of one of The Colonel's jersey's was too much to pass up.  Plus, I'm willing to bet that this would've been game worn and not just some sort of batting practice jersey.  Not sure that they had those back then.  

The card is actually a "jumbo" card, as seen here next to the '52 Bowman, which is a little bit smaller than the standard sized card today.

I also got a surprise package from my grandparents this week.  No note on the inside, just a little scribble from my grandpa on the outside that said, "Your grandma thought you might like this."

This is the Sports section of the San Diego Union-Tribune from the day that Jerry passed away.  I used to have a pretty small collection of newspapers from memorable sports events (Gwynn's 3,000 hit, Ripken breaking Gerhig's record, the Padres winning the NL West a couple of times, etc.).  I'm not quite sure where they are now, which is one of the reasons that I prefer collecting baseball cards - easier to store.

It might be kind of hard to see here, but beneath the headline of "Our constant companion", it says "Coleman is gone, but his voice lives on as the one that most resonated with San Diegans for decades."

Yesterday, the Padres had a memorial service for Jerry Coleman at Petco Park.  Among the tributes given (including Joe Torre, a musical tribute by former Padre and current Giants coach Tim Flannery, and an extremely touching eulogy by Coleman's play-by-play partner for decades, Ted Leitner), it was mentioned by a member of the Padres front office that the Padres would be wearing a Jerry Coleman memorial patch.  As you can see, it'll be on the right sleeve, a blue star outlined in white with the initials "JC".

The star shape is in reference to his trademark call for a great play, usually a defensive one, in which he would say, "You can hang a star on that one!  Oh Doctor!"  Not only that, but there was also a star that was attached to a rope that they would hang out of the broadcaster's booth to commemorate the play.

While I do love that it'll be on the jersey this year (and I would be fine with it being on every Padre jersey for the rest of time), I do wish that it was a different color.  Who ever heard of blue stars?

The fans gathered at a San Diego State basketball game that also honored The Colonel knew what color the star should be.

Anyways, I am positive that this will not be my last post on Jerry Coleman, especially since the Padres mentioned that they will be commemorating his life throughout this season.

Until then, may Jerry continue to rest in peace.  San Diego loves you.


  1. That is a "sweet swatch". "Swatch". We're all in the textile business? Also agree about those old painted cards. The backgrounds have a certain charm.

  2. Nice adds. BTW the Maroon 87 Donruss Benito is from their Opening Day set.