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Thursday, January 16, 2014

From Dave

I've mentioned it before, but my father in law was a collector during the early/mid 90's.  Not sure how much stuff he picks up now, but he's still got a bunch of stuff lying around his house.  It seems like every time we go back to San Diego to visit, he's got something that he thinks I'd like.  He seems to know my tastes pretty well.

While I used to be a big Wally Joyner collector (well, not really big, but I think I was closing in on 100 cards), I've trimmed the herd a little bit.  I still hold on to every Padre card of his that I can get a hold of, but I'm down to just a page of my favorite cards from his Angels days and a page from his days in Kansas City.  This is easily my favorite Royal card of Brother Joyner.

Finding cards of Fred McGriff as a Padre that I don't already have is becoming increasingly hard to do. Here's one that I can't believe I didn't already have.  From '93 Upper Deck, one of my all time favorite sets!  Love the '92 All Star Game patch on the sleeve.

He had some vintage Padres for me as well!  Digging Dan Spillner's sideburns here, and the partially-yellow border seems to work out alright with the yellow in the Padres uniform.  Ever since reading an interview with Spillner from the 2003, I guess I've been partial to his cards.  Even better than that, here's  a Dave Winfield card from '78 Topps.  Spillner's chops have got nothing on Dave's.  

It kept getting better with an IP autograph of Wally Joyner.  While I love his cards as a Padre, it just seems right seeing him in an Angels uniform, even though my earliest memories of him were as a Royal.  All-Star Rookie Cup!  Makes the dull wood grain a little more bearable.

Despite all these great cards, the best one was easily this one.  I already had the '83 O-Pee-Chee Tony Gwynn rookie, but now I have the Topps version as well.  I had kind of resigned myself to the idea that the "best" Gwynn rookie (people don't get nearly as excited about his '83 Fleer or Donruss cards) would elude me for a while because they're pricier than my budget would allow, and who would willingly part with a Tony Gwynn rookie?

Dave would, that's who.  Actually, I didn't even include the coolest thing he got me, because I'm saving it for another post.  That's how good it is.  I also got some good trade bait as well, so I'll be sure to make a note of it to the guys I've been making deals with.

Thanks a lot Dave!  Harper says hi to her Poppa.  Foster will probably still give you blank stares the next time you see him

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