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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Body Count: Infinity

Alright, the title for the post might not have a whole lot to do with the content, but doesn't that sound like an awesome movie?  Or at least a video game that you wouldn't want your children to be playing?

If you have been following the Padres as close as I have since the end of the season, you'll know that there are some big changes to the roster since October.  Well, maybe not big changes, but quite a few changes.  Let's just say that the "body count" of Padres who are no longer with us is large.

Here are some cards of most of the guys that are gone.  Well, at least the ones that I have cards of.

We'll start with the most obscure: Maxx Tissenbaum, shown here playing for the Ft. Wayne Tin Caps, was one of the five players the Padres traded to the Rays last week for lefty reliever Alex Torres and pitching prospect Jesse Hahn.  Love these team issue cards, seem like they'd be great for autographs.  Tissenbaum is vying to become the first big leaguer to spell the name "Max" with two x's.  There have been two others (Catapano and Garrett) who have played in independent leagues.

Here are a pair of right handed relievers who no longer call Petco Park home.  Brad Boxberger is the only other player of the five who I have a card of from the Rays trade, but it's at least a fancy one with an autograph.  I remember specifically watching him pitch and not enjoying it and thinking he wasn't very good, but his line from 2013 wasn't bad, with a 2.86 ERA in 22 IP, 24 K's and 13 BB.  Brad Brach was dealt to Baltimore for a prospect pitcher that seems like a longshot to go anywhere.  I'm still a fan of Brach, but the Boxberger card is up for trade if anybody's interested.

 Here's a trio of pitchers from last year's Heritage set who are no longer with us.  And by "us", I mean the Padres.  They're not dead.  I guess that Edinson Volquez was released before the end of the season, so he might not qualify as an "offseason" casualty.  The Dodgers took a flyer on him during their playoff run, and he signed with the Pirates in December.  Luke Gregerson was traded to the A's for outfielder Seth Smith.  Because the Padres don't have any great outfielders, so they're stocking up on a bunch of 4th outfielders.  Of all the players on this list, Luke is the one I'll miss the most.  Clayton Richard was released after a horrible season in which he was injured and or the majority of the time, and has yet to sign with a team.

 Another trio of former Friars, this time from last year's Topps emerald parallel.  Haven't finished off the team set of these (still three short).  Anyways, Tommy Layne was released and has signed with the Red Sox.  I thought he'd be a Luke Gregerson-type "holder" for the Padres in 2013, but he only pitched 8.2 innings last year, good for a 2.08 ERA.  Jesus Guzman is one of the Padres "depth" guys off the bench who was traded to the Astros for Ryan Jackson, who is profiled as an "all glove, no bat" backup shortstop.  Jason Marquis was injured at the end of the year last year, and was released.  Still hasn't signed with anyone yet, and while he wasn't great for the Padres, the guy pitched with a lot of guts, so I liked him enough.

Here we have Mark Kotsay and Anthony Bass.  Kotsay retired at the end of the season, and since he wasn't granted a card in the 2013 set, this card from 2012 will have to be his "going into the sunset" card.  Honestly, Kotsay was brutal to watch last year, but he's a good clubhouse guy and great with the fans, and it's not like the Padres were going anywhere last year.  He's since joined the Padres front office in some capacity.  Anthony Bass did have a card in last year's set, but I wanted to use this one for congruency.  He is the opposite of Boxberger, in that I thought he did alright last year, but the numbers say that he was pretty ineffective (5.36 ERA in 42 IP, 31 K's to 20 BB).  He was dealt to the Astros for a player to be named later, who turned out to be Patrick Schuster, a lefty reliever.

Oh!  I almost forgot about Logan Forsythe!  The seven player trade with the Rays was referred to as "the Logan Fosythe" trade.  Seems kinda silly to refer to it as that, as I'm sure that most non Padre fans were not aware of who Forsythe was, and he hit just barely above .200 last year.  He's another gritty player that I liked to watch, but he seems to always be visiting the DL, and the Padres have enough of those guys.  Anyways, so long Logan!  Good run in San Diego.

Ug.  Now that I think of it, Jaff Decker was traded to the Pirates, and I know I have a card of him.  If I get to it later, I'll post it as well.  In return, the Padres got Alex Dickerson, who looks like he could be a good hitter.  If I take the time to take that photo, I'll mention it again.

Farewell former Friars!  Can't wait for the 2014 season to start!

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  1. Through these trades, the Padres were pretty much able to solidify their starting rotation and bullpen. In that case, it sounds like the same old Padres -- a team built around a great pitching staff and team defense. They actually could still use that big bat everyone's always wished for. Actually, the Padres had offered Clayton Richards an outright reassginment, but he chose to go the Free Agency route, instead.