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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Top 10 Cards of 2013, Pt. 4

Here is the fourth and final "Top 10" list of the Backstop Cards End Of The Year Countdown Extravaganza.  Of the four lists, this one was my favorite to put together, as it features my favorite Padres cards of the year.  No "hits", no "other teams", just the good stuff (for me).  A few base cards, a few parallels, even a short print.  All great cards.

Honorable Mention: Hunter Renfroe, Bowman Chrome "Blue Wave"
Renfroe was the Padres first pick of the 2013 draft, and he looks to have a bright future.  As all first round draft picks do.  No chance of this backfiring, right?  Anyways, this blue wave refractor is very sweet looking, even with the obviously photoshopped photo.  Only makes it as an "Honorable Mention" because he hasn't played a game with the Padres, so I wouldn't consider him a Padre yet.

#10 - Chase Headley, Topps Opening Day "Superstar Celebrations"
I've always winced a little whenever I see the explosion of celebration that happens during a walk off win.  Not because I'm "old school" and think that it's juvenile (a "walk off win" celebration is a lot different than a "I'm a closer and I got the last three outs in a game I was already winning, and now I'm acting like I just defeated Goliath" celebration), but because Jake Peavy once cracked his ribs celebrating going to the playoffs, and then pitched horribly in the playoffs due to said cracked ribs.  Anyways, I like this card.

#9 - Carlos Quentin, Topps Opening Day
While technically this is basically the exact same card that's in the flagship set, it makes the list because it's also in the Opening Day set.  This is one of the more awesome shots that I've ever seen on a baseball card, let alone a Padres card.

#8 - Chase Headley, Topps Museum Collection
Right off the bat, the card seems a little underwhelming.  Taking a deeper look, however, and there's a lot to like.  Obviously, the 80's retro jerseys (worn in the same game as card #9) look sweet, and it features Chase making an across-the-body throw over to first.  The framing looks very centered, and we even have Chase's arm popping out of it.  Then there's the ball that he's throwing, which is found not the top border, right smack dab in the middle of the word "League".  Good job, Topps.

#7 - Chris Denorfia, Topps "Sapphire" (#13/25)
While not my favorite card in the base set, the sapphire parallels are some sweet pieces of cardboard.  This is my only sapphire parallel of any Padre cards, and since it's of my favorite current Padre, it makes it onto the countdown.  Numbered out of 25!  Fancy!

#6 - Andrew Cashner, Topps Heritage
While I'm a big fan of this years' Heritage set, the I'll admit that the photos themselves often left a lot to be desired.  Here, however, we have the Padres ace looking tough, showing the grip he uses to blow the ball past opposing batters.  I need to eventually get around to my "Padres 2013 Season Retrospective" post, but when I do, I'll probably mention that Cashner's numbers from August and September looked like this: 9 starts, 63.2 innings, 1.71 ERA, 50 K's v. 11 walks.  Five of the nine starts were also away from Petco Park.  Yeah, I'm excited to watch him pitch again next year.

#5 - Chase Headley, Topps Chrome "Sepia" (#66/75)
Like the Quentin above, this is the exact same card used for Chase Headley's card in Topps' flagship set.  Nothing changes for Topps Chrome, just the shine.  Well, more than the shine in the set, I really dig the sepia parallels.  They're serial numbered to 75, which is cool, but they also just look cool.  I've got 3/4 of the Padres in this year's set.  An affordable Gyorko card still eludes me.

#4 - Cameron Maybin, Topps "Out Of Bounds"
I was really surprised to learn that Cameron Maybin was included in this year's gimmicky short prints.  He doesn't play for a popular team, and he hasn't been particularly good… well, ever.  The talk on Maybin has always been that he's got a lot of potential, and will maybe actually realize it… one day.  Still, can't complain about this sharp looking card of Cameron climbing the wall.

#3 - Chase Headley, Topps Heritage Mini (#88/100)
I haven't finished the post yet, but I've been working on the Chase Headley parallel rainbow from this year's Heritage set.  This is probably my favorite card from the group, just because it's the most different (size) and it's hand numbered.  Pretty cool, right?  No?

#2 - Jesus Guzman, Topps "Camo" (#
Here's another card that I pretty much glossed over when I first saw the base set.  However, once I remembered that there was something called a "camo" parallel, I thought, hmmm… this is one card that would look pretty awesome.  I cannot imagine another card that has more camouflage it.  Congratulations, Jesus.  Now go play for the Astros.

#1 - Cameron Maybin, Topps Heritage
Man, for a guy that only played fourteen games this season, Cameron Maybin sure had some pretty good baseball cards.  Like the Headley and Quentin cards before him, this shot was taken from the August 3rd game of last year, in which the Padres were wearing their throwbacks against the Mets.  I think that if there's a set that needs to feature teams in throwback uniforms, it should be the Heritage set.    The word "PADRES" is written in orange at the top of the card, yet this is the only card that shows a Padre with orange on his uniform.  Anyways, yeah, this card was in my first pack of Heritage, so it has been my favorite card pretty much the whole year.

Alright!  I think that having a four part "Top 10" was probably a little over the top, but I had fun with it.  I'll have a whole year to decide if it is worth doing again.  Go Padres!

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  1. I'd say the Maybin was the best Padre card of the year as well. It came very close to making my top ten all-around cards of 2013 list.