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Monday, December 16, 2013

Orange Line, Vol. 1

I mentioned previously that I was starting a "mini-collection".  While there have been a few things that I've started to group together (Padres in catchers gear, Padres in camouflage uniforms, players on cards with their kids), this is the first one that I think will really take off and has been a pretty fun scavenger hunt.  I've mentioned before that I'm not actively pursuing every Padre card ever made, and have in fact given hundreds away to other bloggers and students.  This will give me a reason to go back into those boxes and see what needs to be salvaged.

One thing that I also like about this is that there are plenty of non-Padre cards that I can add to the group.  Today, I'll showcase all four Orange Line cards from the 1992 Pinnacle Series I set.  First up is Ozzie Smith, undoubtedly turning two at the expense of a pinstriped Padre. 

Next up, a pair of Padres, Andy Benes and Tony Fernandez.  The line is more clearly visible in the Benes card, as it appears to be going through his belt line, while the line is just barely visible right at the top of the frame, near Tony's neckline.

I'll go ahead and point out right now (though I will probably repeat it in possible future posts) that one clear way to tell if it is indeed the orange line from the top of the Jack Murphy Stadium wall is if the Padres are wearing their home whites.  Both are here, looking good in the pinstripes.

Here, we have Terry Mulholland in the road grays.  The line is more obscured here, but still clearly visible by his pitching hand.  It looks like there is a blurry umpire in position behind Mulholland, and above him is the corner of the Padres logo that is shown above the outfield wall.  One thing that I also noticed while giving this card the third degree, is that the top of Terry's head that has wandered onto the black frame looks a little "miscut".  Maybe it's hard to tell from the photo, but while the glove hand looks like it's popping out of the frame, there are a few white lines around Mulholland's head that look like it was a little miscut.

Anyways, there you have it, the first installment of the Orange Line posts.  I won't always be able to do them from the same set, but the chance to do it on one of my all time favorite sets was too good to pass up.

Thanks for reading!  Happy Monday!

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  1. Always good to see people picking up a new mini-collection!