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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Kaz Cards Continued

My last post featured a handful of Tony Gwynn cards that came my way from Mark at This Way To The Clubhouse…  Today, I'm showing off the best of the non-Gwynn cards, starting off with a teal-clad  Benito Santiago.  The guy went from the dreary brown of the Padres to the fluorescent teal of the Marlins.  Guy couldn't catch a break early on.

This was by far the oldest of the bunch, and one that got me to within two of completing the '69 Topps Padres team set (I just got the last two in my Black Friday COMC.com order).  I've been able to find cheap deals on some of those '69 Padres (there are no stars), but for some reason, I've never been able to find this one for less than two bucks and change.  Glad to have the airbrushed Larry Stahl in the binder now.

I don't usually have "room" in my Miscellaneous Padres binder for guys who never played for the Padres, let alone guys who never played in the big leagues.  Sean Watkins never made it above High A ball, but I've decided to give him a space, by the slimmest of margins.  He was drafted by the Padres in 1995, but he had actually been previously drafted by the Dodgers in 1992.  He probably decided not to go with LA because he was taken in the 29th round, but maybe it was because he hated the Dodgers.  While it's an extremely unlikely scenario, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and hold onto this one.

I've noticed that, for as great a pitcher as Trevor Hoffman was, not all of his cards were really that great.  Not "cardogenic", as some bloggers might say.  Well, I'm a fan of this one.  Mostly because I'm interested to know what Hoffy was looking at in the foreground picture.  He definitely seems fixated on something.  A long fly ball or the blonde in the front row?  We may never know.

Here's a trio of miscellaneous Pads that I also needed.  The Topps Finest "Intimidators" is so intimidating that Trevor can't bear to show his face.  I'm coming to appreciate the design of1990 Leaf, after not really digging it for a while.  I noticed that on this 2008 Topps gold card of Jake Peavy, the serial numbering is done in the fancy foil, while the gold cards for the last few years have been the kind of cheap looking print ons.  I like these ones better.

Here's the last batch of goodies Mark sent.  I'm a big fan of this year's Pinnacle set, and I've been trying to get a hold of some of the non-Padre players that I like.  Pedroia and Phillips are two of my favorite current players who don't play in San Diego, and Ryan and Ripken are legends in my book.  The Huston Street card was the last one I needed to complete the Padres team set, and I've got a soft spot for Ike Davis, since I happened to watch his first game on TV when I was in college and he got his first hit.  He has definitely been overhyped, but hopefully he can get it together and be a decent player for Mark's Mets.

Thanks as always Mark!  Best of luck with the one on the way, your kid will be lucky to have you and Mrs. K to be taking care of him.


  1. Yeah, Hoffman isn't what most would consider a cutie-pie. It looks like he's making the 'OH' face on that Flair card.

    As always, I'm glad to help out with some of your miscellaneous collection needs.

    Happy Holidays and God Bless!

  2. Glad you're coming around on '90 Leaf.. that and the first couple stadium club sets are my favorites from the junk era.