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Friday, December 13, 2013

Jack Murphying

Alright, I'll admit that "Jack Murphying" doesn't sound like a phrase that will catch on.  For starters, Jack Murphy Stadium has become "Qualcomm Stadium", and the Padres don't even play there anymore (now inhabited full-time by some guys playing with an egg shaped ball).  But here is another recent trade completed with Alex, a Dodger fan from the blog Chavez Ravining.  Yeah, the "-ing" ending works better with his blog than this blog post.

Anyways, we'll start off this trade post with yet another addition to the 2013 Chase Headley collection. Dude has had more cards this year than any Padre… ever.  Probably.  At least it seems like it.  And, from the looks of it, he'll be a Padre for… a little while longer.

Speaking of parallels, here is a pair of additions to the Camo Padres portion of the binder.  The blue one is numbered to something cool, I forget what.  Yet another reason to have the serial numbering on the front.

This is my first Zach Eflin card.  He's joined by another Casey Kelly "rookie card", even though Kelly didn't pitch at all last season due to Tommy John surgery.  I'm pretty sure that these are from the same set, but Bowman confuses me, since the borders for these are different.  While the design isn't completely different, the most noticeable difference is the "crotch logo" that is utilized on the Kelly card.  These are both shiny refractor cards, in case the photo doesn't make it clear.

Aw, what a swell guy, he even sent me some non-Padres that I needed.  I didn't have this Paul Konerko card, commemorating his 400th homer as a White Sock.  These stellar '71 minis narrow my search down to a dozen final cards.  Loving these - the black borders look great with Roberto's Pirates uniform, and even though Matt Harvey cards make me cry, I still love 'em.  Here's hoping he returns back to form after rehabbing that arm.

Last but not least, my favorite card of the bunch.  Jedd was one of the few bright spots in an otherwise dismal season for the Padres.  He came with some hype, and though he got off to a slow start, and then got injured, he was every bit the masher that he was billed as.  Above average glove at second base as well, even though he supposedly was more of a third baseman.  Kind of a cool idea, the "Making Their Mark" cards.  This one shows the date of the Gyrk's first long ball.  As if any of us had to be reminded.

Thanks a lot Alex.  I know the last thing that the world needs is a new Dodger blog, but as long as they're written by great guys and traders like you, I guess I'll find a way to get by.


  1. Hey Marcus, do you need any 1975 Padres?

    1. I have a whopping ZERO in my collection. I had ONE at one point, but it got sent away in a trade to someone who could've used it more than me.

      Answer: YES!