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Monday, December 9, 2013

Black Friday Results

Three dollars doesn't sound like a whole lot, but the three dollar shipping at COMC.com keeps me from frequenting the site very often.  Actually, the last two times I've bought anything from COMC has been the last two Black Friday's, when they offer discounted prices and free shipping.  The only catch is that you have to purchase twenty cards.  After spending the equivalent of two rack packs, I got my cards the very next Friday, not too bad of a turnaround.

While I won't go into detail with my entire purchase, here are my top 10 favorite cards that I was able to add to my collection.  Can't resist an opportunity to make a good list.

#10 - Andrew Cashner, 2010 Bowman Prospects
The current Padres ace is looking very fresh faced here, showing the grip that he uses to throw the ball into the triple digits (though not as often now that he's a starter).  I don't really go back and collect many cards of my favorite players before they joined the Padres, but this one was about 40 cents and I love the "kneeling, grip showing, this was taken in front of a community center" look that this card has.

#9 - Bruce Ruffin, 1996 Leaf signature
I can't remember, but I think this was one of the pricier cards I picked up in this lot, probably about a buck-fifty.  I've started hanging on to Bruce Ruffin cards lately, and this is (from what I can tell) the only licensed autograph card that he has.  Ruffin was the Rockies pitcher that gave up Tony Gwynn's 2,000th hit, a game which I attended and was on my ninth birthday.

#8 - Leo Foster, 1975 Topps Mini
I guess you can't really tell from the picture, but this is the '75 mini card of Leo Foster's.  I've limited the "Foster Collection" to the best card of every Foster who ever had a card made.  I've deemed Foster's '75 mini to be his best card, and while it may not be spectacular, I still don't think it's close.  Love those '70s Braves unis.

#7 - Archi Cianfrocco, 1992 Topps Traded Gold
ARCHI!  Finding Archi cards to add to the collection is not easy to do.  I recently moved my Player Collection lists back over to Google Drive, and I found that this is my 53rd card of Cianfrocco.  For a guy that was only active from '92 to '98 and wasn't an everyday player, that's not too bad.  Love the Topps Gold cards from '92 and '93, though I may be in the minority.

 #6 - Johnny Podres, 1969 Topps
I only needed two cards to finish the '69 Topps Padres team set, and I picked 'em up both here.  Haven't been able to find any of the remaining three that I needed for under two bucks, but they were much cheaper here.  Podres spent his last season as a pro in San Diego, and later became a pitching coach of the Padres.  

#5 - 1969 Rookie Stars, 1969 Topps
Both the Podres and the Rookie Stars card were in the last series that Topps released in 1969, and both are "high number" cards, both in the 600s.  I gave this one the slight edge over Podres since there are three guys on this one, and none of them became stars.  Of the three, Clay Kirby went on to have the more successful career, going 75-104 in his major league career.  He actually led the league in losses (20) in 1969, though his ERA (3.80) hints that it was the product of pitching a lot of games for an expansion team more than his pitching ability.  His record after five years with the Padres was 52-81.  It would be 23-23 the last three years of his career - with other teams.

#4 - Steve Finley, 1993 Mother's Cookies
I only recently found out the that other teams besides the Padres had these Mother's Cookies cards.  There were quite a few on COMC that I wanted to pick up, but this was the only one that I pulled the final trigger on.  This became my 161st card of Steve Finley, all from his days with the Orioles, Astros, and Padres.  Still can't stand the thought of him playing for the rest of the NL West (which he actually did), so I haven't bothered with those ones.  Putting together all of those Mother's Cookies sets would be something I'd try to do if I was a much wealthier person.  Love this one.

#3 - Tony Gwynn, 1985 Topps All Star
This one initially started out as a "I need to fill the cart with 20 cards, quick - what are the cheapest Padre cards on COMC?" pick, but it turned out to be one of my favorites.  Despite the off centered cut, this is a flat out great Tony Gwynn card.  Someday I might do a "My Favorite Tony Gwynn Cards" countdown, and you can bet that this on will be on there.  Not sure how long that list will be, since this is my 404th Gwynn card (!), but count on seeing it.  

#2 - Hunter Renfroe, 2013 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects
This is the newest card in the lot, and ranked surprisingly high.  As you may have guessed, the Padres are not looking to be very competitive in 2014.  While the signing of Josh Johnson gave me a little bit of hope that maybe they were playing for "now", the idea that Seth Smith is going to be the left handed power hitter that is the "final piece" is as stupid as it is ridiculous.  Sooo… they are apparently getting ready for the future, which will hopefully include young Hunter Renfroe.  He was the Padres first round draft pick in 2013 out of Mississippi State and hit an impressive .271 in 43 minor league games this year, including six homers and 25 RBI.  Anyways, he sounds like he'll be great.  Nothing could possibly go wrong, right?

#1 - Ollie Brown, 1970 Kellogg's
Don't let the fancy new base card at the number two spot fool you.  Vintage ruled the day.  I have two Kellogg's 3-D cards, this one, and one from the '71 set of Nate Colbert.  The back was very informative, as I learned that Ollie started out as a pitcher in the minor leagues and even threw a no-hitter.  His brother, Willie, was also an athlete - played football for USC and the Philadelphia Eagles.  Anyways, these Kellogg's cards are awesome and I definitely need to look into finding more of these.

I also took care of some of my Chris Denorfia parallel needs.  Nothing too exciting, since I've been posting about Deno's cards pretty often the past few weeks.

Well, that's a wrap.  Kinda surprising, right?  Out of the Top 10, only half were Padres?  What's going on here!?


  1. That airbrushed logo on DaVanon's hat is the worst I've ever seen! LOL

    Nice pickups though.

  2. Pardon me, my OCD is acting up: It's a '75 MINI FOSTER! '75!

    OK, I"m better now.

    Love the 1970 Kellogg's card. That's the best of the bunch there.

    1. Inexcusable. Well, I mean, the five and six are RIGHT NEXT to each other… but still, inexcusable.

  3. I find it so perfect that Johnny Podres eventually wound up playing for the Padres. That '69 "sunset" issue you picked up is one of my all-time favorite Padres cards, in fact. Nice COMC finds!