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Saturday, December 14, 2013

All Caught Up. For Now.

The wind up to Christmas break (five school days left!) has proved troublesome for keeping up with trade posts.  As much as I normally dislike combining the "showing off" of incoming cards from different senders, it is sometimes unavoidable.  With smaller packages, I don't feel too bad, but if it happens to you once in a while, please hold no grudge.

This is a double-header of a report, with the matinee coming from John at Johnny's Trade Spot.  This is the third such PWE I've gotten from him, and they keep getting better and better.  We'll start off with a slick looking Gwynn, decked out in the dark blue and orange of those wonderful late 90's Padres.  I've heard that some of the players referred to those blue uniforms as "pajamas", and while I disagree with the statement, I guess I can maybe kinda see it here.  Tony even looks a little sleepy.

Here's a bounteous cornucopia of Padres that made it into binders.  The eyes are immediately drawn to the purple borders and brown and yellow uniforms of the Randy Jones cards.  I'm not sure how it is that I am only recently aware of these cards.  Something about 'em that I like that I can't quite place.  The top row has a good mix, with a Hall of Famer, a future Hall of Famer, and… Andy Ashby.  Not a Cooperstown candidate, but still had a couple of years as an All-Star.  The Klesko isn't spectacular by any stretch, but is a great addition to the newly minted Orange Line mini-collection.

A pair of Darin Erstad's round out the envelope.  Here we have a great representation of a great looking Angels uniform, and a horrible looking Angels uniform.  If I have to explain to you which one is which, you are probably wearing dress socks with your jean shorts and sandals.

The next pair of cards came my way from the ever gracious Jeff at the Fan-Attic Sports Cards Blog.

This beautiful Steve Finley card would be headed right towards the ever growing Orange Line collection, were it not a Steve Finley card.  In my collection, the Player Collections are given priority over the mini-collections.  While some collectors might want to have two copies of the card (one for the PC, one for the mini-collection), this would be a little too over the top for me, so the the Orange Line collection will be void of Finley's, Gwynn's, McGriff's, and Benes'.  Worse things have happened.  But yeah, check out Topps Gallery.  Fancy stuff.

Here's another great piece of cardboard.  I didn't know until I was working on this post that 1981 was the inaugural Donruss baseball card set.  Not a stellar design by any stretch, but the colored ring around the photo is a decent look with the uniform that Murph is rocking here.  Not quite sure what the white and black armbands signify, if anything at all, but this card looks sweet.  Murphy wore #3 his whole career, but here he is posing with a bat with the #5 on the knob.  Taking a look at the 1980 Braves roster (thanks Baseball Almanac), number 5 on the Braves was Bob Horner, so… okay, I'm not sure what else to say about that.

Thanks John and Jeff!  You guys rock!

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