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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Pair of PWE's pt. II

I've gotten a little behind on trade posts, but I'm getting closer to being caught up, and then I can work on some other stuff I've got planned.  End of the year, time for countdowns and other stuff.  I need to finally get around to the "End of the Season Review" for the Padres, and it would be better to do that while the calendar still says 2013.

Anyways, here are the contents of a few PWE's that have made their way to my mailbox recently.  The first one is from Pat over at Hot Corner Cards.  Here is an Archi Cianfrocco card that I already had, but a Cianfrocco card from one of my favorite all-time sets?  Gotta put it up.

Here is a Chase Headley parallel.  On the "to do" list is to devote a complete post to all of the Chase Headley cards that I have that came out this year.  There are a bunch of them.  It's ridiculous.  According to Josh Byrnes, Padres GM, Headley is part of the Padres future, which seems like code for "we waited too long and the market has cooled, so we're stuck with him for now."

Here were two of the last base cards that I was looking for from the 2013 Topps flagship set.  Not the most flattering photo of R.A. Dickey, and it looks like it might be photoshopped as well.  It was so great to have this card of A.J. Pierzynski as a Ranger from the Update set.  You know, since he signed with the Red Sox a few months later.

The next one came from John at Johnny's Trade Spot.  As I've mentioned previously, I've been moving my Player Collection lists over to Google Drive, and I found out that this is my 143rd Erstad card.  I just checked COMC.com and found that there were 903 different cards listed on there.  Hmmm...

Here's another card that I really liked.  I remember as a kid thinking that Studio was a pretty lame set.  No action shots?  Weird maroon border?  No thanks.  I've come around on the set, however, and this Dale Murphy card is an example of how good it can be.   Classy shot of a classy player

I think that I may have more "modern" cards of Gaylord Perry than I do of cards from his playing days.  I think that most of them might be using this exact picture.  Not that it's a bad one, but still, who is he, Sasquatch?  Do we only have one usable picture of the guy who won the Cy Young award in 1978?  Groovy borders, though.

We'll finish off the star-studded PWE with a trio of Tony's.  Man, the Padres uniforms were really on the downward trajectory at the tail end of Tony's career.  Much better looking during the blue pinstripe days of the mid 90's.

Thanks gentlemen, lots of great cardboard to feast my eyes on.  I actually have already received another PWE from John that I need to post up as well.  Was able to find the last of my Braves to scoop up and will hopefully get them shipped off to John this week, and hopefully do the same with Pat and the Tigers.

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