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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Top 50 Padre Cards of the 90's: Inserts, Man (10-6)

I imagined that there would be a lot more hoopla surrounding the unveiling of the Top 10 Padre Cards of the 90's.  Maybe it's because the TV spots weren't as great as they seemed in the studio, or maybe it was the disrespectful mustaches that were drawn on the bus ads.  I think the mustaches were drawn on by Dodger fans.

Of course, the lack of fanfare can't be blamed on these gleaming pieces of cardboard, right?  Of course not, that's just ridiculous.  I guess that might just leave my writing to blame...

Hm, anyways, here you have it, the first half of the Top 10.  Spoiler alert: as the title of the most may hint at, four fifths of this post features inserts.  Score.

#10 - Fred McGriff, 1993 Topps "Black Gold"
If I was judging solely on nostalgia, this would easily be in the top five, and might be at the top of the whole heap.  This is one of the few cards from the countdown that I actually pulled out of a pack as a kid.  Sheffield and Gwynn were the other Padres included in the "Black Gold" insert set, which was very cool, but I didn't get those other ones until after I started the blog.  Up until this point, this was the shiniest that a card from Topps' flagship had gotten, and I was definitely digging it.  I'd say this is still my favorite insert that Topps has ever made.

#9 - Fred McGriff, 1993 Donruss Triple Play "Nicknames"
Triple Play was a fun little set, but was still kind of the "little kid" to most of the other brands out there. Still, they hit it out of the park with the "Nicknames" inserts.  As far as I know, this is the only card that has McGriff's nickname on the front of the card, and the fact that it is the headliner while McGriff's actual name relegated to the bottom only makes it better.  I would've preferred a picture of McGriff at the plate, but if "Crime Dog" is written in bold foil on the front, it's hard to go wrong.

#8 - Tony Gwynn, 1994 Fleer "Pro-Visions"
This is probably definitely the most outrageous card of the countdown.  So.  Many.  Things.  Going on here.  Between the Fleer batting gloves, a lucky Baseball book at the end of a rainbow, baseballs orbiting Gwynn's head, and Tony dressed as a actual pinstriped friar, this is a pretty spectacular card.  Kind of like how Tremors was so bad it was good, this card is so ridiculous that I love it.

#7 - Tony Gwynn, 1994 Topps Stadium Club
How about a serious Gwynn card to cleanse the pallet?  This shot of Tony and his bat is, in my mind, a 90's classic.  While there were plenty of cool action shots to be found in '94 TSC, a calm, composed Gwynn decked out in his orange Franklin wristbands just looks so killer.

#6 - Gary Sheffield, 1992 Fleer Ultra "All-Star"
1992 was the year that I got really into baseball cards, and '92 Pinnacle and Fleer Ultra were some of the big reasons why.  While the base set looked cool (a lot cooler than the simple design of Topps), the inserts were awesome, and the All-Star cards from Ultra were some of the best.  By now I've raved plenty of times about how cool black borders on cards look ('92 Pinnacle, '71 Topps, etc.), so so see the black border have a marble look to it, plus the gold foil and actually have a Padre in the checklist?  I thought it was awesome.  I still do.

Well, there you have it.  The next post in the countdown will showcase the Top 5 Padre cards of the 90's.  Comments on the countdown so far are appreciated.  Get stoked.


  1. I need to track down that Gwynn "Pro-Visions" card one of these days.

  2. All great cards! Love it.

    (typo alert, you've got two #7s here. which confused me for a moment.. "but where's #6?! I need to see it!")

    1. Yeah, at the last minute I was wavering on where to seed those two, and I flipped 'em around. After flipping them back to where they originally were, I forgot to change the numbers. Thanks for the heads up and keeping this countdown official and legitimate.

  3. I love the Pro-Vision cards. I saw a couple of these on Thorzul's blog the other day. Man, I miss the early 90s!