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Friday, November 29, 2013

Not Leftovers

Is everybody still stuffed from Thanksgiving?  This is proving a difficult time of the year to lose the final nine pounds that I need to achieve my New Year's resolution of losing 30 lbs.  But, I also resolved to be happy, so I guess one out of two ain't bad.  And no, I didn't intentionally start a post about eating a lot and needing to lose weight with a card of Tony Gwynn.  It just happened that way.  Sweet card though, right?

Anyways, speaking of the number 30, here are a few cards that recently came to me from Robert, the author at $30 a Week Habit.  

While many are enjoying leftovers today (and throughout the next few days), I imagine that this gold bordered Nick Hundley card is a leftover from his quest for Serial Insanity.  It's one that I can definitely use, as it will be moving into my recently created "camouflage" mini-collection.

These might not have been "leftovers" per se, but after Robert posted the contents of an Update purchase, he mentioned that he didn't need these Update Minis.  As of now, I have managed to complete 60% of the set (30/50).  Very nice.

The last card I'll show from Robert is this very cool Tony Gwynn card, one that I'd never seen or even heard of before.  It's from the 1996 Leaf Steel set.  It is actually made out of metal (not sure how to tell if it's actual steel or not), and I still haven't taken the "Protective Film" off of it (though I have done so on all the other cards who were apparently too wimpy to handle the real world on their own).  Very nice piece to add to the Gwynn PC.

Thanks a lot for the cards, Robert!  Wether or not they were "leftovers", they were still great!


  1. Love the Leaf Steel set... especially the Gwynn.

  2. Glad that they arrived safely Marcus, enjoy!