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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Heritage Minors

I took these photos with the idea of inviting readers to join me in a box break of 2013 Heritage Minors. I'm a huge fan of the set, and I saw some boxes on sale for pretty cheap prices, but in the end, decided that while it would be fun, it wasn't a "gotta do it" thing.  It ended up working alright for me, as I was able to get the majority of the cards I wanted off of justcommons.com a few weeks ago.

First up is Taylor Jungmann, the former Texas Longhorn pitcher who is currently toiling in the Milwaukee Brewers farm system.  I also have Jungmann's card frome last year's set, so its cool that they included him again for a second go around.  After his first two years in the minors, he is sporting a 3.91 ERA as a pro, which isn't great, but hopefully he'll get the hang of it and keep progressing towards the majors.

But enough about the him, on to the Padres minor leaguers.  Max Fried is a guy that gets compared to guys like Zack Grienke, though his first full year in the minors (single A Ft. Wayne) seemed pretty average, going 6-7 while posting a 3.49 ERA.  The 100 K's in 118 innings didn't seem too bad, however.

Cory Spangenberg is my current favorite prospect not named Austin Hedges.  My little brother and I got his autograph a few Spring Trainings ago, which was cool.  Still seems like he's a few seasons away, but it'd be interesting to see where they play him as he gets closer to the majors.  Seeing where Chase Headley and Jedd Gyorko are at that point will most likely play a factor as to where they'll put him.  Rymer Liriano is supposed to be crazy good as well, but Tommy John surgery put him out for the year in 2013.  You know your team is cursed when even the outfielders are getting Tommy John surgery.

This would round out my Heritage Minors purchase.  Glancing down the list of available cards, I tried to see if there were any names that I recognized.  "Bochy" was a name that stuck out to me, and sure enough, it turned out to be Bruce's son Brett!  Now, even though Boch was a great manager for the Padres in the 90's, just recognizing the name wasn't enough to make me pull the trigger.  But then I got a look at the back of his card...

No, I didn't pick it up because his teammates nicknamed him "The Robot" (although these are the kinds of things that I like to be made aware of on the backs of cards).  It's because he was born in Poway, CA, my hometown!  I wasn't born in California, but moved there from Oregon when I was five, and didn't move until college, so it's still home.  Brett and I are both Poway High Titans, and most likely had some of the same teachers (although the school looks unrecognizable to me now, he was born only three years after me, so we probably feel the same way).

I haven't seen a lot of love for the Heritage Minors set in the blogosphere.  Did anybody else pick any of these up?  Any other fans out there?  Oh, and if anybody has the Austin Hedges card, lemme know, he's the only guy I'm still trying to get ahold of.


  1. I picked up the D-Backs team set. Nice cards. I like them.

  2. At a show last month there was a dealer that had a "two-dime box" of Heritage Minors, so I picked up all of the Mets and Orioles prospects he had, plus anybody else I'd seen play in the minors, or any prospects I'd heard of before. I like the cards enough that I later regretted that I didn't just buy one of every card he had.

    I really appreciate the fact that they have a line on the back (where the cartoon is on the Major League cards) that says what MLB team the minor league team is affiliated with.

  3. I don't think I have a single card from a Heritage Minors set in my binders, but I do like the look of them. Just seeing all the crazy minor league team names is cool enough for me. (Tincaps?)

  4. I, too, really like the Heritage Minors. I just wish they were available in retail packs/boxes. I'm definitely gonna be on the lookout for some of these at the next show I attend!

  5. I almost pulled that trigger but I knew they would go with a lot of '64 style photography. And I still need 3 dozen Pro Debut singles.

    There is a neat card of a mascot in the set I believe. Not one of those goofy mascot patch cards like in Pro Debut either, but an actual card with a picture of a Golden Retriever I think.