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Friday, November 1, 2013

Common Sweetness

So a few weeks ago, I received my first order of cardboard from justcommons.com.  Around the same time, I saw that website getting a lot of love around the blogosphere, and I got caught up in other posts, so I'm just now getting around to it.  Here are some of the highlights of my initial score...

I've been eyeing this Jake Peavy card for a while.  Is there a better Padres throwback jersey card?  I don't believe so.  So.  Much.  Yellow.  This Yonder Alonso card is sweet because it's all icy.  These cards are the only redeeming kind from the Bowman set.

Speaking of shiny cards, here are a few from 2013 Prizm.  2012 Prizm came out in 2013, and now they have another set that came out in 2013 that actually matches the production year.  The Gyorko and Alonso player collections are getting bigger each month.

There were a handful of cards from this year's Allen & Ginter that I've been trying to hunt down, so it was nice to cherry pick for a little bit.  The Abbott was the one that I really wanted, but the Pierzynski looks pretty cool, and how many cards of Bert Blyleven have you seen lately?  Glad to add this trio into the binder.

Well, I finally got the last two pieces of the "One Little Corner" insert set.  Insert joke about black holes and Uranus here.  Or shove 'em where the Sun don't shine.

I was way stoked to be able to pick these up.  I'm not always big on the historical stuff that gets put into Allen & Ginter, but it's pretty cool to see this card of The Alamo, and say, "Hey!  I've been there!".  Being Mormon and having graduated from Brigham Young University - Idaho, getting a card of one of the early leaders of the church was also pretty cool.  My son Foster is named for an ancestor who, among other things, helped build the temple in Salt Lake City and was a body guard for Brigham Young.

Speaking of Foz, here are some cards of Foster's that I hadn't added to the binders yet.  Kevin wins the award for best Foster card hands down.  There are very few cards of Quincy and Kris out there, but if I had known that I'd be adding a Dodger named Foster into my collection, I probably would've held out a little longer.  I guess I'll have to upgrade down the line at some point.

Of course, the best thing about justcommons is the ability to pad those player collections.  Archi Cianfrocco doesn't have a ton of cards, and while I felt like I had most of them, I was able to add nine, which is a pretty decent chunk.  Here are a couple of him in the field.  Digging the black borders of the Leaf Gold cards.

A few more from his days as an Expo.  Kind of an interesting shot with the Score card there, while the picture from '93 Fleer is about as boring as the entire set was.  It's a very boring set.  

Now onto the Padre goodness.  None of these are going to win awards for my favorite cards of Archi, but I'm definitely glad to have them.  The pickups here brought my Cianfrocco collection to a pretty respectable 53.  Not too shabby!

These were my favorites of the group.  Well, I guess the one on the right gets the edge.  '96 and '97 Fleer had a cool, rough texture to them that I don't think got the props it deserved.  The '96 (on the right) is a parallel that has a glossy finish with a rainbow foil nameplate.  Looks slick.

This is actually just part one of the justcommons.com order - the next part is only Steve Finley cards.  The main goal with this purchase was to pick up a few cards that I thought I would need to flesh out my Top 50 Padres Cards from the 90's countdown, but it turned out that Steve Finley ruled the day, with almost half of my cards having his name on 'em.

Just awesome.


  1. Just Commons rules! Love the Kevin Foster throwback, although I'm not sure anything could beat that Peavy.

  2. I'll take the Kris Foster off your hands. I don't think I have that one. He needs to be away from all those Padres anyway. He'll get loser cooties.

  3. By way of random connections, my parents went to BYU-I back when it was called Ricks College, and I served my mission in San Diego from 2000-2002.