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Tuesday, November 12, 2013


On Saturday, my wife and I brought the kids with us to the City Wide Garage Sale in Belton, TX.  It's kind of like a traveling swap meet that bounces around from Austin to Belton to Bastrop.  We've sometimes made a day of it and find things in Austin to do, but we almost always go to it when it comes to Belton.  I'm usually able to find some baseball-related items and Rachel's able to find some stuff for the house or the kids.

The Belton edition is quite a bit smaller than the one in Austin, understandably, and there is only one seller that sells just baseball cards.  I haven't bought anything from him since my first trip there, because the prices are too high for my taste, so I have to scrounge around some of the other tables to find something.

My first pickup wasn't a card at all, however.

It was a coin.  A few coins, to be exact, from the 1964 Topps Coin set.  Unfortunately, the Padres were still in the Pacific Coast League at the time, so they weren't included in the set.  However, I did find future Padre Al McBean amongst a stack of coins.  He would be taken by the Padres with the 50th pick in the '68 Expansion Draft, but would only pitch one game for them, hurling seven innings and giving up four runs before being traded to the Dodgers for Tommy Dean and Leon Everitt.

The coins were a buck fifty each, and while they would've made decent trade bait, I wasn't sure that I wanted to pick up that many because I had never even seen these before and wasn't sure how many people would be interested in them.  Finding this coin of Mets player Duke Carmel seemed like a safe bet for my buddy Mark, a big Mets fan.  Actually, the last time I was at CWGS (in Austin), I was able to pick up Carmel's '64 Topps card to send to him.  What a coincidence.

Here's the backs of the coins.  Not in great shape, but interesting to see that the print still shows up on the metal, despite the corrosion.

Now, normally I'm not much of a coin collector at all, even of the baseball variety.  But while I was strolling around, carrying my son and waiting for my wife to finish looking at some vintage aprons, I found a bucket full of coins from around the world.  It piqued my curiosity and I wound up taking a few home, since they were all so cheap.  This one was my favorite, however...

Like it says in the holder (I didn't know coins had holders!) it's from Panama and minted in 1966.  What I found most interesting about this coin, however, was the name on the back.  I've mentioned before that one of the most beautiful places in San Diego is Balboa Park.  It was the site of the California-Panama Exposition in 1915 and 1916, and named for early Spanish explorer Vasco Núñez de Balboa.  Turns out that he is a big deal in Panama and has lots of stuff named after him there.  Apparently this was worth 75 cents?  Only cost me a quarter.

But it wasn't just coins.  I was able to snag a box of '93 Fleer Ultra for seven bucks.

It'll get it's own post... at some point.  Remember back when they had experienced All-Stars on the fronts of boxes and it wasn't just unproven rookies?  And nowadays, they don't even have classy slabs of marble in the background.

Oh, the 90's.


  1. That Ultra box should make for a fun break!

  2. Dude, 7 bucks is a steal! That is going to give you some fun filled entertainment. I look forward to your post on the box.

  3. Great find with the Carmel coin! You da man!