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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cards from Idaho

I received a bubble mailer over the weekend from one of my more recent trading partners, Chris from The Raz Card Blog.  Chris is a pretty awesome dude and makes me feel bad about denouncing Idaho when I left there in 2010.  In my defense, I had been there for four years and was tired of it snowing in July, but saying that I would never step foot in it again might've been a little extreme (though probably accurate, given my current location).

Anyways, it wasn't a huge haul in terms of volume, but the quality was definitely very high.

The Verlander above, plus these four '71 Update minis bring me to an even 30 out of 50 on the checklist.  I am very surprised that I've managed to get even this far, and it's been due to great people like Chris and Judson from My Cardboard Habit.  These cards are so awesome, and I now declare that I will never tire of the black borders of the '71 set, regardless of how many times Topps overuses the design for it's "retro" qualities.

There were a few random Padres and a Paul Konerko card in the package as well, but this was the other gem that Chris tossed in (believe it or not, I do have a "want list" that doesn't involve exclusively Padres).  I'd be hard pressed not to keep any card of a player rocking the sweet White Sox throwbacks, but that it's a card of Matt Lindstrom makes it even cooler.

Lindstrom has something in common with me and Chris, in that we have all served two year missions for our church.  In a very impressive coincidence, I served in Chicago, where Lindstrom played last year, Chris served in San Diego, where I was raised, and Lindstrom served in… Sweden.  Okay, so they can't all be coincidences, but Lindstrom was born and lives in Idaho, so it still kinda ties back together, right?

Thanks for all the cards, Chris!  I have a hard time complaining about the cold in Texas knowing how you guys must have it up north.

Stay warm, my friends.

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