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Saturday, November 2, 2013


Trying to get caught up on a few posts that have been in draft mode for weeks.  Normally I'd be a little sheepish about waiting so long to posts about cards that were sent to me, because I know that one of the big bonuses to sending off cards to somebody is seeing what they write about them.  It's a little satisfying if they think that what you sent was pretty cool.

Well, sometimes things happen and it takes a while to get to it.  I wasn't really worried about this particular post, however, because this happened to come from my good old buddy TTG over at From an Unlikely Source.  While I would normally hesitate to call someone that I've never met in person a friend, he would be included in the small group of online acquaintances that I would consider moved into the realm of "friends".

Friends know what you'll like.  Sure, anybody with eyes can tell that the Padres are my team, but how many of 'em will track down a Benito Santiago card from his Marlins days and say, "Hey, I think I know somebody who would like this.  True, there is a Padre on this card, but this card is more about Santiago than it is about Tim Teufel.

Friends also know, you know, personal stuff about you.  Not that me or Joe have deep discussions about the meaning of life or anything (although if you need someone to talk to, lemme know, man!), but you know a few things about each other outside of the basic "what we have in common" thread.  To this end, he sent this pair of Foster cards, which are great.  I've already accounted for Roy and Alan in the binder, but you can never have too much vintage Foster.  As cool as these are, they're still not as cool as some other stuff that Joe has sent for Foster.

When it comes to Padres, I usually prefer to just stick to Padres cards.  You know, easy to store, easy to view, etc.  But Joe sent some high quality stuff in the mail as well as the cards.  Here is a game program from 2012, a Tucson Padres sticker (might be a hard to find thing now that they've become the El Paso Chihuahuas?), and a schedule magnet from 1999.  Super rad!

The game program was awesome for two reasons.  One, it featured my current favorite Friar, My Man Chris Denorfia.  Secondly, it was from the homestand of the most recent game that I went to, back in July of 2012.  I picked one up and meant to take it back with me, but I must've left it at the game or at my in-laws or something.  The game we saw was Edinson Volquez' one-hitter, one of the more note-worthy games I've seen of the Padres of late.

The inside is filled with cool stuff like a promo for the upcoming 80s themed night (featuring current Padres broadcaster Mark Grant in the sweet sweet brown), and an interview with the bullpen catcher about his dog.  As a kid, I was usually one of the better catchers in my league, and one of the worst hitters, so I thought that maybe being a bullpen catcher might've been a cool thing to do.  Turns out, I was right.

Here's a closer look at the magnet.  Notice that the schedule is in orange and blue - gotta love the late 90s color scheme.  Well, I guess you don't have to, but I do.  Also notice the "The International Opener" in Monterrey, Mexico.  Also notice the pair of All-Stars on the right (Tony Gwynn and Andy Ashby), and the pair of frustrating prospects on the left (Ruben Rivera and Matt Clement).

I was recently so Padres baseball deprived that I watched a replay of Game 2 of the 1998 NLCS on Youtube, and was amazed by two things: how great Kevin Brown was and how horrible Ruben Rivera was.

I have also been amazed by the great Padres stuff I've gotten from Joe and other bloggers who I would consider my amigos.  Gracias amigos, for all the sweet stuff!  Especially you, Joe!

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