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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Almost Halfway There...

Just a quick post for tonight.  I got a bubble mailer today from my buddy Judson at My Cardboard Habit.  When I first moved from California to Texas, I remember a lot of family and friends from out West asking how I liked it.  While the weather is never going to be as perfect as it is in San Diego, I have noticed that, generally speaking, the people in Texas are a whole lot friendlier.  Judson would be the embodiment of this belief.

After mentioning a while back that I was interested in putting together all fifty of the '71-style mini cards from this year's Update set, Judson responded by saying that he had six to send to me, and that when he finished sorting, he "may have more later."

Well, he most certainly did!  Here are all eighteen cards he sent me.

These were my six favorites.  Fun to see Bo Jackson and Will Clark back in the card game, and the Musial looks the most appropriate for a "retro" themed set.  I've mentioned before that when I was a kid, I wore #8 because I wanted to be a shortstop like Cal Ripken Jr.  This was before the move to catcher.  Still love the guy.  Normally, I don't like players on division rivals, but Paul Goldschmidt is just too freaking good.  When I was a kid, I hated the Dodgers, but didn't mind Eric Karros.  I think I heard a few interviews that he did, and I liked him enough, plus he had some decent baseball cards.  Those were the important things.

Here we have a couple of current MVPs in McCutchen and Cabrera, alongside some Yankee royalty.  Greg Maddux is the lone former Padre in the lot that Judson sent.  Can't think of anything to say about Joe Mauer.  I think the Jeter card is the best shot of this group.

Ug.  Two Dodgers in this group.  If there's one thing that has discouraged me from "set" building, it's been having to collect Dodgers.  Don't be confused, though, I was definitely stoked to get this Puig, because I imagine that it would've been a hard one to track down.  Is Strasburg-mania over now?  I feel like the hype has definitely died down, as he's basically a grandpa compared to Harper and Trout.

Being a big fan of catchers, you'd think that I'd be a big Johnny Bench fan.  I guess I was born too late and am a fan of the wrong team to be that invested in Bench - I started appreciating great catchers starting with Benito Santiago, a good chunk of time after Bench.  Still, the dude was awesome and has a great card in this set.  I'm particularly grateful that Judson, a big Rangers fan, found it in his heart to part with this Yu Darvish card.

Thanks again Judson!  I think I've gotten the better end of the deal in pretty much every exchange we've made, so thanks for still dealing with me, hopefully I'll be able to pull something awesome to send your way soon.

Oh, and with this hefty addition towards the set, I'm now 48% of the way there - 24 down, 26 to go!


  1. Yours is the one of the few blogs that will contain the words "Greg Maddux" and "former Padre" in the same sentence. Although I will say that with Maddux I do think Padre before I think Dodger.

    If this was two years ago and the 71 minis came out, then I would be right there with you in collecting them. But after Archives last year, I am kind of 71'd out. I still don't understand why they didn't continue with the 72 minis like last year with the 1987's. Good luck tracking them down though.

  2. There were 18? I didn't count before I sent! Sorry they took so long, I kept pulling them. And as for the Darvish...that was my second one. The first went into my PC. So I'm not THAT nice. Lol