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Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Pair of PWE's

A semi-quick post today to show off a pair of PWE's that came my way recently.

We'll start off with some goodies from Judson at My Cardboard Habit.  My fellow Texan blogger has been generous with sending me some stuff that he knew I'd like from this year's Update set.  The three cards he sent down I-35 were all awesome.

My "Black Friday" purchase from COMC.com will net me the remaining pieces to the 2013 Topps Denorfia rainbow (tried to come up with a clever word for the project, like "Denorainbow", but it doesn't seem to be working), aside from the 1/1's.  Very glad to get this ahold of this one.

How many times have you guys been able to pull the "harder to get" cards of the guys that you really collect?  I've busted a few packs of Update, and I'd be way stoked to be able to pull any of the Denorfia parallels, but have been shut out completely from the Padre cards (there are only five of them, but still!).  Anyways, that's why I'm glad to have friends like Judson.

The remaining cards were just as crucial.

Two more of the Update Mini's!  I miscalculated in my last post, saying that I was 60% there (30 out of 50 cards), when in reality, these two bring me to 72% of the way (36/50).  I didn't add any of these to my COMC order, so I'll still be looking for the remainders out there.

On top of Judson's envelope, I also received a PWE from John at Johnny's Trading Spot.  He emailed me a while back to initiate our first trade, and I'll say that the first thing that impressed me was the amount of cards he was able to squeeze into an envelope!  He cut two rows from a plastic page and was able to fit about 2 or 3 cards into each space.  Smart thinking' John!

This was my favorite card from the group.  I coulda sworn that I already had this one, but I didn't.  Sheff looking serious here.

Here were the smallest and biggest cards in the package.  Something looks amiss with "Andrew" Benes' hat, which looks as poorly photoshopped as his uniform does.  Love the Gwynn card, another one that I thought I already had.

There was plenty of junk wax to be had in this one, and John said that he'd keep going through his boxes to find some good Padres, but that hopefully these would help complete some team sets.  Well, I'll go ahead and say right now that, as much of a Padre fan that I am, I don't want the team set of whatever year these Score cards came out.  Not a fan of the design/colors at all.  Still, I checked out the Miscellaneous Padres binders (the K-Z one, since it was recently divided into two binders) and saw that I had zero Shane Mack cards.  I don't need to have a card of every player who ever played for the Padres, but Shane Mack shouldn't be shut out.  I also like the Lance McCullers card because he is on some flat out rough looking pieces of cardboard.  This is a good example, as his eyes are closed and it looks like he's trying to pass a kidney stone.

See?  Even if it's junk wax, there's just no telling what will strike my fancy.

The last cards I'll show from John are these two catchers cards.  While I'm not sure that these will have a permanent home in my collection, these are definitely worth taking a look at here.  The Munson is definitely worn, but still a good looking card of a guy who is on some great looking cards (BTW, what's with the orange catchers gear for a Yankee catcher?).  The Campanella is also a pretty unique looking card, that I like despite the fact that it's a Dodger.  I don't hold too many grudges against the boys from Brooklyn.

Thanks a lot Judson and John!  You guys are great!

Alright!  Bonus PWE that made it's way here today!  Got this sweet looking Gwynn of eBay for a whopping 46 cents.  This may seem weird, but as a general rule, I normally don't look to buy Gwynn cards.  This is because 1) there are so many that there's really no "rush" to track them down - it's going to take a while, and 2) I get lots of them in trade packages, so in an effort to not already have all the Gwynn's that y'all are planning on sending to me, I try to leave 'em alone.  Still, this one was so cool looking and so cheap that I pulled the trigger.  At first I thought the "N" was a die-cut, but it turns out that it's actually a die-cut that is attached to a backing piece of cardboard, so the card has a good thickness to it.  Definitely worth the 46 cents.

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