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Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Bunch Of Steve Finley Cards

On Friday, I finally posted about my first purchase from justcommons.com.  That was part 1 of my purchase (mostly Padre cards for my player collections and a few random set needs), and today will be part 2.  More almost half of the 80+ cards that I picked up were Steve Finley cards...

Look at that stack.  This was a fun one to go through.  If you've been on the justcommons.com website, you'll know that there are no pictures of the cards, just a list of the name of the player, set the card is from, and the number of the card.  All I did was run down my list of Steve Finley cards and added all the ones that I didn't already have that were less than 50 cents.  Can't remember how many I added, but I hadn't seen a lot of them before.

Of course, the first thing I noticed was that there were three more cards to add to the Bunting Finley pages.  It's like that's all he did when he was an Astro.

Unfortunately, I think (though I should double check) that most of my Finley cards are from his Houston days.  Were it not for a card towards the end of this post, this Leaf Black Gold card in the middle would've been my favorite Astro pickup of the order.  Love the black borders and shot of Fins swinging the bat.

Alright, now we're on to the Padres pickups.  As much as Steve was bunting in Houston, it seemed like he was a man on the run in San Diego.  Good cross section of Padres uniforms here, from the pinstripes to the road grays to the blue and orange with the Swinging Friar.

Want shots of Steve Finley just standing around looking cool?  Done.

How much of a tough guy was Fins?  "I have some of my best days when I can hardly walk on the field."  Yes, it does say something between all the purple, yellow, and green on this card.

Here is one of those Studio credit-card style baseball cards.  Very classy looking, these are always fun to come across.  The card next to it is from 1991 Micro Topps.  This card is so small that I knew that if I didn't put it into a page quickly, it would probably get lost.  Well, after a few weeks of being out of pages, I finally got around to putting them into pages, and my daughter brought it to me folded and chewed up and said, "Here you go Daddy.  Foster was playing with it."  Thanks kid, always keepin' me on my toes.

Speaking of keeping you on your toes, here is my favorite Finley card of the post.  While some might label this as a Gary Carter card, the way that Finley has launched himself at Carter makes this card (in my opinion) more about him.  Though, I suppose you could say, "Look at that awesome catcher who is getting plowed into by a baserunner!  That guy is a beast!"  Either way, awesome card.

"Yes, Just Commons?  Hi, I'd like to order the Steve Finley cards... Pardon me?  How many?  All of them...  No, you may not ask who's calling.  Hold on, I'll call you back, Bochy is giving me the evil eye. (click)  Man, I've got to stop calling during games, my wife said it was only for emergencies."

If you've made it all the way down here, please go and check out the Blogger Bracket Challenge on Nachos Grande and vote for somebody.  If you're not sure who to vote for, you can vote for me.  I'm only a few votes behind the leader in my bracket, and I promised a little boy at the hospital that I'd win the whole thing for him.  He said it's the only thing that keeps him going.

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