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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Update Party

Last night I happened to be in the vicinity of a place that had some Topps Update on the shelf (no thanks to the Walmart in my town) and decided to join the Update party.  Last year, one of my first Update pickups had a Mike Trout jersey card, but this year I had no such luck.  Still alright, since I prefer this year's design over last year's.

Of course, in the Update set, you're sure to get a lot of rookie cards.  If you're like me and focus primarily on one team, many of these newbies aren't that recognizable (though it helps if you're a fantasy player, which I wasn't this year).  If you had asked me before the playoffs who Michael Wacha was, I would've guessed a member of Congress or maybe an actor on the USA Network.  Now I know that he's the NLCS MVP.

Speaking of rookies, here are a few more.  I had never heard of Brad Miller, but his sweet Mariners throwback gets him on the post.  Zack Wheeler is a rookie that I'd heard of, since I'd seen him dominate the Padres earlier in the year.

Here are some of the "Update Specials".  Not Rookie cards, but "Rookie Debut" cards.  Can't say that I'm the biggest fan of these, but I wouldn't have minded if Jedd Gyorko had been slotted one of these.  As you can (maybe) see, the player's MLB debut is printed in silver foil on the bottom right.  Find it interesting that Jurickson Profar's MLB debut was in 2012, yet is still included in the '13 set.

Okay, last rookie card, I promise.  Great looking card of the Pirates hurler, especially digging the yellow in this photo.  

Even more plentiful than the rookie cards are the All-Star cards.  I am not a huge fan of these, which is probably because I'm a bitter Padres fan and no Padre has played an inning in the All-Star Game since Heath Bell came sliding out of the bullpen to pitch to one batter in 2011.  Or maybe because some of the shots are like this one of Manny Machado and just don't look that great.

Speaking of Machado, here is an insert that is new for the Update set - Franchise Forerunners.  Cute alliteration aside, these don't look too bad, though it seems like an excuse to make even more cards of Cal Ripken Jr.  Orange is my favorite color, so I like this card, though the Orioles pennants look a little... forced here.

Also new to the Update set are the 1971 minis, replacing the 1972 minis from Series 1 and 2.  I am a much bigger fan of the '71 set and it's black borders than the "groovy tombstone" theme of the '72 set, so I was excited to see these in hand.  Unfortunately, there are no Padres in this set, which is exactly what happened in last year's Archives set when they used the '71 template for 50 cards.  Not sure how many of these I'll try to track down - maybe reusing the '71 set too much has taken some of the shine off of it.  Or maybe it's because most of my cards that are actually from 1971 are worn and creased, and I prefer them to look that way instead of these crisp edged monstrosities.

Here are some cards of a guy that plays for the Dodgers.  I guess I was lying about the whole "no more rookie cards" thing.

Last but certainly not least, here was by far the best card of the lot.  I was almost worried that I would get shut out of Padres, but the second to last card was of outfielder Kyle Blanks.  Blanks got one of the best cards in the set last year, and though this doesn't quite touch the greatness of 2012, this is still a pretty legit photo of the Padres giant.  From this angle, the Padres uniforms almost look not horrible.  Almost.

Well, with the budget being the way it is, and the lack of Padres in the set, I can't say that I think I'll be buying too much Update, but since it is a little cheaper than the rest of the sets that are out there, I'll probably revisit it again.  Months after its initial release, I'm still a big fan of the 2013 flagship design, and am not looking forward to the design that's been released for the 2014 season.

I am not keeping many of the cards I pulled, so hopefully I can get them all posted on a trade list soon and exchange them for some Padres or something.

EDIT: Trade list has been updated, including other sets that I've been meaning to update for the past month.  Lemme know!


  1. Nice job nabbing a red Puig. That's a good trade bait piece right there!

  2. I've purchased three or four packs of Update and I've already pulled two of the Machado/Ripken Franchise Forerunners cards.

    The first card out of my first pack was that Alexi Amarista card you posted about needing a couple of days ago. Do you want to chase it from packs or do you want me to send it your way?