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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Top 50 Padres Cards of the 90's: Lots of Gear (40-36)

A blessed Sunday to everybody.  Back to the Top 50 Padres cards of the 90's countdown.  As you may have inferred from the title, if you're the kind of person who likes cards of guys in catcher's gear, this next installment is for you.  If you're not... what's your deal, man?

#40 - Benito Santiago 1992 D.A.R.E. Safety Set
I've mentioned before that I got a few of the cards from the '92 D.A.R.E. set as a student at Garden Road Elementary.  I can't remember which ones I got, but I know that it wasn't Benito, because I would've remembered this one.  Benito has some awesome cards, and despite the plain border, this one is a favorite of mine.  We will see you again soon, Mr. Santiago.

#39 - Trevor Hoffman 1993 Leaf
As any semi-decent collector of 90's cardboard will tell you, 1993 Leaf is a beautiful set.  It's mostly known for the backs of the cards, which show scenic images of the city where the player's team is located.  As great as they are, it's the front of this card that makes it onto the countdown.  Trevor Hoffman made his Padres debut on June 25, 1993, after coming to San Diego in the Gary Sheffield trade.  He was not sharp, giving up thee runs (two earned) on four hits in one inning.  His next game would be a blown save in a game they would go on to lose 7-1 in extra innings.  Hoffy would post a 4.31 ERA in his first year with the Padres, going 2-4 with three saves.  

A pretty dubious start for the youngster.  Not sure that he seemed worth spot in Series 3 set, but I'm glad he was, a great shot of Hoffy mid-windup.  Even better - I'm not sure how many cards show Hoffman in his #34 jersey, since he went with #51 in 1994 - and kept it for the rest of his career.

#38 - Brad Ausmus 1996 Pacific
I recently made a justcommons.com purchase.  It was awesome, tons of cheap cards.  This countdown and other stuff have kept me from posting about it yet, but this was one of the reasons that I made the purchase.  I bought enough (about $18 worth) to qualify for free shipping, and this one set me back a whole dime.  This is not the last play at the plate shot you'll see on this countdown.  Rey Sanchez looks like he's out.  Pacific is one of my least favorite brands, as I think their designs are pretty lame.  However, occasionally they showcase some brilliant photography.  Like this one.

#37 - Tony Gwynn 1995 Pinnacle
This is not the best multi-exposure card in the world.  It's not even the best one on this countdown.  But  you still didn't see a whole lot of Padres with cards like these in the 90's (at least I didn't), so this one is cool in my book.  I think Griffey's '92 Upper Deck card is my favorite of the "multi-exposure" cards, but this one isn't too shabby either.

#36 - Trevor Hoffman 1998 Fleer Ultra
Rounding out this five-pack is a card that was brought to my attention only just before I started the countdown.  This was also a justcommons.com purchase, one that I had to pick up after seeing Bleedin' Brown and Gold do a post on it.  I know of a few collectors who like seeing cards of pitchers batting, but how often do you see cards of pitchers in catcher's gear?  This is the only one that I can think of, and it's a Hall of Fame pitcher to boot.  The countdown wouldn't be complete without this card.

Well, there you have it.  Finally, a list that isn't dominated by Tony Gwynn - we have three catcher's gear cards and two Trevor Hoffman cards.  We've now gone fifteen spots into our countdown, and our Tony Gwynn total is up to six.

The best is yet to come.


  1. My most recent Just Commons purchase involved that very same Gwynn. I'm a sucker for those multiple-exposure shots.