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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Top 50 Padre Cards of the 90's: Halfway Point (30-26)

Wow, this has been a crazy week so far.  The biggest factor to the craziness has been at school, where on Monday I was asked to change classrooms, moving my first grade classroom across the school to the second grade hallway.  I was okay with the move, because the pros outweigh the cons (room with a carpet, sink, and more storage vs. smaller classroom further away from the first grade teachers that I collaborate with), and decided that I would like to have my classroom moved and ready to go the very next day.

This was probably a little overambitious, but after leaving a little after midnight on Tuesday morning, I had most everything ready to go.

Anyways, we had an early out the next day and we were granted time to work with our grade level teams and do what we thought was necessary.  I sent off a few important emails and then fell asleep on my carpeted floors for about an hour and a half.

Anyways, this is not what you are here for.  The masses have obviously been gathering to see the halfway mark of the Top 50 Padre Cards from the 90's countdown, complete with leader board (see end of post)!

Kick it.
#30 - Gary Sheffield 1993 Hostess
I had pretty specific tastes as a kid (i.e. picky), and I was probably the only one that I knew that was not a big fan of Hostess products.  If I was going to get a treat, I was more of a candy bar guy, not big on pastries (or whatever you call Hostess' food).  Fortunately, this Sheffield oddball made it into my collection, albeit about two decades after the fact.  I think I got this from my buddy TTG a while back, but I could be wrong.  I was a big Sheffield fan for the brief time he was a Padre, and it probably had a lot to do with the fact that his cards just looked so awesome.

#29 - Fernando Valenzuela 1997 Collector's Choice
I think I have a few cards of Fernando with a bat in his hands.  This one is better than them all, because not only is it a "pitcher at the plate" card, but it's a "Fernando admiring the trajectory" shot, which are plenty rare.  Probably.

Seeing Fernando speed around the base paths would probably make for an even better card.  Don't think I've come across any of those yet.

#28 - Jason Thompson 1997 Collector's Choice
Back to back cards from 1997 Collector's Choice?  Better believe it.  Also not the last card you'll see from this set.  This card was one of the reasons that this countdown was created.  I only learned of the existence in the last year, and I figured that there may be people who aren't aware of this awesome hybrid surfboard/baseball card.  Can't quite tell which San Diego beach Jason Thompson brought his board and his jersey to, but if I had to guess, it'd be Torrey Pines.  I usually preferred going further north to Solana Beach/Encinitas (Pipes), but I also was a pretty lousy surfer.

#27 - Bip Roberts 1990 Fleer
This card has me stumped.  I'm still not sure where it belongs on the countdown, or if it belongs here at all.  I'll be the first to admit that there are other cards of Bip Roberts that are more aesthetically pleasing than this one.  However, it is signed by Bip, and he signed it "The Bipper", so in my mind, it needs to be on here somewhere, even if there aren't many 1990 Fleer cards of Bip that are signed in a like manner.  If nothing else, the copious amounts of brown on this card are worth a second look.

#26 - 12-Player Trade (Astros/Padres) 1995 Collector's Choice
Lots of firsts here - The first post without a Tony Gwynn card.  The first post to have three cards from the same brand (albeit different years).  Now we have the first multi-player card on the countdown.  Although the Padres did spend some money on their 1998 World Series run (think Greg Vaughn and Kevin Brown), this card shows two reasons why they were competitive to start with: Ken Caminiti and Steve Finley.  Seeing the other ten players that were involved in "the largest trade since 1957" is also pretty cool, so say nothing of the pink background.  Love this one.

Alright!  That's the first 25 down, second 25 to go...

At the halfway point, here is the scoreboard (# of times a player has appeared on the countdown)...
8 - Tony Gwynn
2 - Steve Finley*, Benito Santiago, Trevor Hoffman
1 - Kurt Stillwell, Ruben Rivera, Jose Melendez, Ted Williams, Brad Ausmus, Wally Joyner, Gary Sheffield, Fernando Valenzuela, Jason Thompson, Bip Roberts

I don't want to spoil any of your guesses as to the players that will continue to be on here, but I'll let you know that only one player from the bottom will make it onto the countdown again.

But which one?  You'll have to tune in to find out.  And probably wait for me to finish up some school stuff first.  Such is life

Go Padres!  Go 90's!

*The asterisk by Steve Finley's name is to indicate that he was on a multiplayer card.  While the "12 Player Trade" card is not a Finley card, he does get an edge in the standings because of it.  My rules, I make 'em up as I go.

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  1. I think I own more cards of Valenzuela hitting than any other pitcher. I'm a big fan of that '97 CC Thompson as well.