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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Top 50 Padre Cards of the 90's: 45-41 Gwynn Fest

Alrighty, already moving on to the second post in a series of ten showcasing my favorite 50 Padre cards from the 90's.  I plan on spreading these out a little more, so they won't be consecutive posts, but I'm so anxious to get to the really good stuff that I'll try to get quickly to the heart of the countdown.  Here's five more.

Ahh, the 90's.  Great decade for baseball cards, or greatest decade for baseball cards?

#45 - Tony Gwynn 1995 Topps Stadium Club "Clear Cut"
The first of a trio of Gwynns, this one is from Topps Stadium Club, one of my favorite brands from the 90's.  It's one of the few (only?) cards that I have that is made of acetate, though I'm not sure what all of my baseball cards are made of, especially from those wacky 90's.  During the mid-90's, the Padres only chance for a cool insert card was Mr. Padre.  Nowadays... well, most Padre inserts from Topps are also of Gwynn.  Guess some things never change.

#44 Tony Gwynn 1994 Pinnacle "The Naturals"
I can't talk about the best brands of the 90's (like Stadium Club) without mentioning Pinnacle, which was far and away my favorite brand.  I was hooked ever since the inaugural set in 1992, and although I didn't ever quite fall in love with any of their base sets like that first one, they could make a fancy looking card with the best of them.  This one is a lot better looking in hand than this photo shows.  Very gold.

#43 Tony Gwynn 1995 Score Summit
Alright, you want shiny and fancy?  Here ya go!  Picked this up at a card show for a buck, very similar in hand to the 2011 Topps Diamond anniversary cards.  Another card that isn't done justice from the photo.  Hope you like seeing pictures of a swinging Tony Gwynn, these won't be the last.

#42 - Steve Finley 1998 Metal Universe
1998 Metal Universe is the first set to have multiple cards represented, as Ruben Rivera and Balboa Park made the first post of the countdown.  This time, a much better player (and my favorite as a kid) is in the foreground, and a much more majestic photo of the Coronado Bridge is featured as the backdrop.  If you don't like pictures of beautiful things, this might not be the card for you.

#41 - 1992 Upper Deck Ted Williams "Baseball Heroes"
For those of you that guessed that Ted Williams would make a lone appearance on the countdown, I'd be interested to know if there are any stocks that you'd recommend investing in.  As some of you may know, Teddy Ballgame was a San Diego boy (Hoover High!), and though he got major league offers, his mom thought he was too young to leave home, so he played for the local Pacific Coast League team, the San Diego Padres.  I have some PCL Padres cards from the 50's, but they obviously wouldn't fit in this particular countdown (about 35 years too old), but this Baseball Heroes flashback reminds us where the legend began.  There goes Ted Williams, the greatest hitter who ever lived.

I'll mention as well that to get from my parents house in Poway, CA to a Padres game, the fastest way is to get to the I-15 by taking Ted Williams Parkway.

Well, there you have it!  We're one fifth of the way through this thing, and half of the cards are of Tony Gwynn.  Will this ratio continue, or will more Padres emerge?

Cliff hanger...


  1. I love the Stadium Club Clear Cut set. But of course the Bucs were excluded from just about every 90's insert set, so the lone representative in my collection is a Greg Vaughn Clear Cut I found in a dime box.

  2. I have that Ted WIlliams card and still never noticed his Pad-ness. Cool....

  3. That's one of my favorite Ted Williams cards as well.

  4. I have the Kirby Puckett from that Clear Cut set. Always has been a favorite of mine.