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Monday, October 7, 2013

The Jerk Store Called...

I keep having these (relatively) good ideas for posts, but don't have the time to sit down and hammer them out.  So they sit in the draft pile, unfinished.

Here is just a quick post to show off the most recent addition to my Jedd Gyorko collection.  I think he's going to become a "Player Collection" guy because he's awesome - led all rookies this year with home runs, almost broke the franchise record for homers by a rookie (but missed 30 games with an injury), and played some great defense - really underrated, especially since many wondered how he'd adjust to second base after spending lots of time in the minors at third.

Anyways, I try not to get greedy on "high end" cards, and since I already had a Gyorko autograph, I was going to call it good...

Until I saw this card.

The Gyorko auto that I already had was from last year's Bowman, and while it looked nice, it was a sticker auto.  This one was of the "on card" variety, and while it may seem like a small difference, It was worth it to me to upgrade, especially given the price (under $5 w/shipping, as per usual).

While I'm not a big fan of Topps Chrome (bought a single rack pack and found nothing worth posting about), this is definitely awesome.  I might prefer the look of the base card, which features Jedd in the field, but being that his mainly known for his bat (though he only made four errors this year), it makes more sense to show him at the plate.

Would've preferred a shot of him during the regular season, given that the set came out at the very end of the season, but since it was taken in a spring training game, we get to see him wearing a number besides his regular #9.

Not sure what number he's wearing on the card, but when I saw him at spring training earlier in the year, he was wearing 68.  Can't believe that I haven't officially posted about that trip, but I think the lack of usable photographs is what stopped me.  I think I've managed to share about all the other things that happened at the game we went to, but it was sprinkled throughout a few different posts.

Anyways, this is far and away my favorite card of "The Jerk", once I get around to it, I'll add him to the "guys I collect" list.  Here's hoping that he gets a Rookie of the Year vote or two, even though Jose Fernandez and Yasiel Puig are certain to be #1 and #2.


  1. One of my fantasy baseball teams was named Gyorko Store.

  2. I just pulled the '13 Topps Chrome Black Bordered RC auto of Gyorko #/100.. it looks pretty sweet.
    I'll try and post a pic on the ole blog soon...

  3. I'm definitely going to add that Chrome Gyorko auto to my Padres PC... that think is insanely shiny. Great purchase.

  4. How can you not help like Gyorko. I truly hope that the Padres try and build the team around his strengths (some of those defensive plays he made were true gems toward the end of the season). Alas, time will tell. Hopefully he won't flame out like Headley, or some of the other Pads picks.

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