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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Teal and Blue

After mentioning that I was putting together a list of the Top 50 Padre Cards of the 90's, I realized that there are some sets that just lend themselves to having sweet looking cards, while others, no matter how hard they try, just fall short.  Flair, as you can see above, is a pretty classy looking set.  Especially if you  prefer the background of your favorite player to be your favorite player, again.  Look at those!  Four Benito's on two cards - and there's more on the back!

Okay, I didn't photo the backs of the cards.  Don't got time for that.  I do, however, have more cards of Benito Santiago (and more!) that came my way from my buddy Mark at This Way To The Clubhouse...  I haven't bought many cards lately, and so my trade packages have been slow to leave Backstop HQ, but I'm glad that Mark cares little about such things as "official trades".  Stellar guy.

As bad as the Marlins teal uniforms were, there's something about them that is so inherently 90's that I just love seeing 'em (though I'd be less a fan of them if I had to wear them all the time).  The '93 Upper Deck set really captured how much they must've hurt your eyes on a sunny day.  Even Charlie Hough looked better younger less dead okay, he didn't look great in them, but with the shades, Benito looked pretty killer.  Not sure what his thumb is doing to that bent over Cub on the right, however.

I'd heard of these "Trade Cards", in which you'd trade them back to Upper Deck in exchange for more cards.  Pretty cool sounding, right?  Maybe Topps can do that, where you get a card and you can type in a code online and then choose some card--- wait, that's been done and it was lame.  Never mind.  Oh, and despite all the teal, we all know that Benito looks best in brown.  As we all do.

I made my first ever purchase at just commons.com over the weekend, and wouldn't ya know that I added these two gems to my cart!  Should've known that one of you great members of the card blogging fraternity was going to hook me up with some of these.  Seeing as how Alonso and Gyorko are now official Player Collection guys, these are good pickups.  Love me some Pinnacle - think how good these would look with actual logos!  Having a hard time imagining?  Yeah, me too.

Oh, the reason I was on justcommons.com was because I needed a few extra pieces for my Top 50 Padre Cards of the 90's countdown.  There was a Trevor Hoffman card that I needed, so once it gets here (along with three other cards), the countdown can begin.  Speaking of 90's Hoffman's, I am digging the Skybox Thunder card to the right.  interesting angle.  The Upper Deck Hoffy to the left is probably the classiest of the bunch, just barely edging out the Heritage "green fart cloud" Hoffman.  I think that's the official name of those cards, I'll have to double check, though.

If I had to choose one of the best sets of the 90's, the Topps Stadium Club brand would be up there on the list.  I was a fan after the '92 set and it's total lack of borders, and then fell in love with the label maker-edginess of the '94 set.  But the classiest looking set of them all would have to be the '97 set.  I feel obligated to say this every time I post a card of Chris Gomez: If loving Chris Gomez is wrong, I don't want to be right.

Speaking of classy, it doesn't get much classier than Mr. Padre.  This may be the first card I have of him that says "Anthony Keith" on the front.  Very cool.  Sure, his name is in smaller font than the name of the brand, scrolled on either side of his picture.  Still, very legit looking card for Mr. Gwynn.

Thanks again Mark!  I feel like I should mention that Mark is on twitter and you can follow him @Mark_Kaz.  Not nearly as many tweets about boutique cupcake shops and the government shutdown as you'd like, but still worth a follow.

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  1. I literally laughed out loud (and a boogie may or may not have flown out my nose) at both the Benito's thumb comment and the "green fart cloud." LOL!!! Great stuff.

    Happy that you like the cards. I went overboard with the Santiagos, I know, but there were just so many to choose from and they were all just 4 cents each, so what's the big deal, right?