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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Some New Stuff

Kind of a busy day yesterday, running errands with the kids and going to one of my student's football games (Killeen Patriots beat the I-don't-know's in orange jerseys 27-0), then running more errands and doing stuff around the house (including mowing the lawn, which has been long overdue).

In between, I managed to swing by Target and pick up a couple packs of stuff I hadn't opened before.  Ever since I saw that Panini was bringing the Pinnacle brand back, I've been itching to open some packs.  I've already gotten a few Padre singles in trades, but ripping packs is different.  At the Walmart in my town, which is much closer than the Target that is two cities over, they have a box of Pinnacle that you can't open that's on sale for sixty or seventy bucks.  No love for the lowly pack ripper like myself.

Anyways, I loved it.  I know that since it's unlicensed, there are no logos, which understandably bums people out.  Still, I was such a big fan of '92 Pinnacle (as a kid and still as an adult) that I'll take what I can get.

My one of my favorite cards out of the two packs I got was the above card of Alex Gordon.  Can't say that I know a whole lot about Gordon, other than that he had a lot of hype coming up in 2007, but seems to be living up to it in the past three years.  What did it for me is the helmet pulled down so that you can't see his eyes.  Pretty cool in my book.

Two more that will make the "Keeper Binder".  Zack Wheeler looks pretty legit, and so does this card, which is the "Artists Proof" parallel (hard to see in this photo, but there's a little blue stamp on the bottom left corner).  I'm not sure that the Astros have any uniforms that match the hue that Jose Altuve is sporting here, which makes me like this card even more.

If I was to gripe about anything with these cards, it's not the lack of logos, it's the lack of detail in the uniforms.  I know that they can't show logos, but do all the jerseys have to be one solid color?  No piping or stripes or... anything?

Still, the black looks really good with the red and white colors of Altuve's uni.

On to some inserts!  The Team 2000 inserts from 1992 were totally awesome in my book, and I think it's cool that the theme has continued with the Team 2020 inserts.  Here's hoping that Dylan Bundy lives up to the hype and can recover from Tommy John surgery.

As cool as the Team 2020 inserts are, the Swing For The Fences inserts have them beat.  Easily.  Unfortunately, the one I wound up with plays for Los Angeles, but I can find a home for it where it's wanted.  I owe GCRL a package, and if he doesn't need it, I can draw a name out of a hat for the rest of the Dodger bloggers.  Anyways, if you can't tell by the image of my ceiling fan behind Mr. Kemp, the card is transparent and is very awesome.

Rounding out the report of my two packs are two Padres!  Getting a Padre per pack makes me think of how happy I'd be as a kid with this kind of luck.  Of course, back then there were fewer teams and there were more cards per pack, so when it happens now, I'm definitely beating the odds.  I already ordered this Gyorko card on justcommons.com earlier in the week, and then I got it again in a package from my buddy Mark.  This makes three Gyorko cards from the Pinnacle set that I have.  I plan on sending some cards to my little brother Ammon, so then I'll just have one in the dupe pile.  All the things I said about Dylan Bundy can be applied to TJ recovery patient Casey Kelly.

Oh, besides the two packs of Pinnacle, I also bought two packs of Topps stickers.  Not the biggest fan of sticker type stuff, especially because they're smaller than regular cards, but at a dollar a pack, I figured that it might be worth it.

This was my favorite card sticker of the lot.  I just got a bright orange case for my iPhone from the dollar store, and I've been trying to find a baseball-related sticker to slap on it.  I was hoping for a Padres-related one, but all the stickers that I have from cards are all brown and don't work well with the brightness of the orange.  This one might fit the bill, however, and I was always a fan of Biggio as a kid.  He always had good cards.

Here are some retired players, one more recent than the other.  I was also a big Sheffield fan during his year and a half stint with the Padres.  Gotta love those teal uniforms back from when they were still the FLORIDA Marlins.  Oh yeah, and there's the Great Bambi.

All my Padre luck was spent on the Pinnacle packs, but these were some Rays hot packs.  The Fernando Rodney is a pretty cool shot, and even though I don't really like the whole "bow and arrow" schtick, I think I'd probably like it more if he was on "my" team.  That's what I hear a lot of people say about AJ Pierzynski, and I like him regardless of the team he's on (unless it's the Dodgers).  But that's just me.

Anyways, yeah, I know that these aren't the newest cards out there, and this probably isn't the first review of either of these products that you've seen, but here's my two cents:

Pinnacle, even with no logos = better than Gypsy Queen, Archives, and Bowman

Topps Stickers for a dollar a pack = better than buying a Snickers.  Unless it's King Size, then it might be a draw.

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  1. I kinda like Pinnacle product myself, but it's the Prizm that I totally have a man-love for. Even though both products are MLB logo-less, I really love the way the pics just pop off the Prizm card. I'll probably have to do a Prizm blog one of these days....