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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Otra Vez

Here's a post I've been working on for a few days (man, what a busy week).  Finally got to finish it listening to the Cards/Dodgers game.  Ug, are there two teams I dislike more?  No, there are not.  (I'd probably hate the Yankees more if the Padres played them more, but I'm pretty indifferent to most American League teams).  Still, I guess I'm "happy" with the way that it turned out.  Sorry to be a hater.

Have I mentioned that there's a guy named Jason who is almost single-handedly supplying this blog with cards to post about?  I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it here and here and here and here and here.  Buuuut, just in case you missed it, here's another mention.

The dude just gets me, you know what I mean?  I keep waiting for a "dud" package to arrive (not in a negative way or anything, but I keep thinking "hey, he's gotta run out of awesome Padre cards at some point, right?"), but so far, it's been all aces.  Starting off with the Fernando card you see above.  Fitting that this awesome card is by Pacific and as such, is written up in Spanish on the back.  Wait, is that racist?  Maybe, I'm not the PC Police.  I think about Fernando a lot, since I have a student by the same name in the first grade class that I teach.  He is never amused when I call him "Fernandomania".  Maybe if I show him this card, he'll get it.

Here's a quartet of horizontal cards.  If you know me, you'll know that I'm in the minority of people who prefer their cards to be vertical.  You know, because that's how I look at them in binders.  But when they're as stellar as these four, it matters little to me how they are oriented.  The fact that somebody was able to make a vertical Kevin Brown card that I didn't immediately discard (let alone allow into a binder) is a small miracle in and of itself.  Greg Vaughn and Sterling Hitchcock are my boys, so it's always awesome to get cards of them.  And the last card is of the Bipper.  No reason to hate on that one either.

Egads!  Two Kevin Brown cards in the same package?  That didn't get tossed into the unwanted pile?  Must be a full moon.

EDIT: I don't want to make it seem like I totally hate Kevin Brown - the guy pitched lights out for the Friars in '98 and was a big reason that they made it to the World Series - but leaving as a free agent after one season can tarnish some of those memories, and leaving as a free agent after one season to sign with the Dodgers is... well, I can't think of a word or phrase for it, but it's a low blow for a Padres fan.

Oh, and Joey Hamilton with the green St. Patrick's day hat.  Do all teams do that in Spring Training?  I know the Padres still do (or at least they did in '12).

The last package Jason sent me had a couple of '84 O-Pee-Chee cards, and here are a couple more.  Wiggins is looking extremely thin in this one, but dang, both he and Kennedy are looking good in the brown, yellow, and orange.  Orange is actually my favorite color, and it makes me happy to see these sweet 80's unis and their beautiful colors, even though it probably would've looked better without the orange.

Here are a few non-Padres, although Khalil Greene's non-Padre career was pretty short-lived.  Dale Murphy falls into the same category as Wally Joyner, guys who's careers were made in different cities than the teams I remember them from my childhood (Murphy with the Braves and then Phillies, Joyner with the Angels and then the Royals/Padres).

You might not be able to see it very well here, but Phil Nevin is wearing glasses, and looks like a total nerd.  Well, a very thick-necked, muscle-bound nerd, but a nerd nonetheless.  Bip Roberts, on the other hand, is one smooth operator, leaping to avoid an Oakland A in Spring Training.  Definitely one of the cool kids for sure.  Killer shades, bro.

Okay, this has got to be a record for Kevin Brown cards in one post.  I can't remember what the front of this one looked like, but I think it was pretty unimpressive.  The back, however, is what got it into a coveted spot in the Miscellaneous Padre binder.  While the helmet and glove combo photo is a nice touch, the best part is by far the quote by Mr. Padre himself.  For those who can't read it, it says...

"There is more sink to his sinker and more slide to his slider.  I don't know how else to put it."
- Tony Gwynn

I think you said it pretty well, Tony.

Last two cards alert!  This looks awesome.  If I had two, I'd punch out this little guy and prop it up for my classroom.  Like I said, Greg Vaughn is my homeboy, and this is so spectacularly 90's that I just love it.  It'd go well with the 1998 NL Championship flag hanging above my desk.

As great as all of those are, this is by far the awesomest card.  Andrew Cashner is the future of the Padres, and I can't wait to see how he does in 2014.  I already have one auto of Straight Cash Homey form this year's Tier 1 set, but that one was in his '98 throwback jersey.  If you know anything about Cashner, however, you'll know that the camouflage uniform suits him very well.

Not only does he look good in camo, but he's also a big hunter.  There were a lot of doubts about him performing well this season after an accident where a buddy of his sliced open his pitching hand with a hunting knife.  This photo is equal parts hilarious and awesome.

As was this whole batch of cardboard.  Well, I mean, not many parts of it were "hilarious", but I got a few chuckles out of nerdy Nevin and big-head Vaughn.  Ok, so I guess nothing was really that funny, but this was definitely an awesome package of cardboard.  Thanks Jason.



  1. Love seeing Padres wearing camo on cardboard. Nice Cashner.

  2. They need to make that last photo a card.